Saturday, 13 September 2014


Yoooooo I've been away at Outlook all week so I've not had a chance to do much wickedlanding. Here are a few flicks I gathered before I flew out.

I got invited along to an Urban Outfitters pre launch party. It was basically loads of free booze and some DJs playing some cool music. I didn't really get what the plan was, I think it was just a think where we were meant to mingle and whatever. Luckily there were enough people there I knew to not bother with any of that haha.

How dangerous is this? No white stripe on the top step. I nearly stacked it.

I can't remember his name now, but after we all left we had a lengthy stop and chat with that guy who I posted a photo of a couple of weeks ago. He was singing songs and fucking about on a skateboard with no trucks or wheels. Special mention to his female crop top.

This is mad isn't it. There was some building work going on and they've left massive patches of sand where pavement once was. I don't get how this shit isn't illegal. It's like I buy shoes I like, and I shouldn't be the arsehole for wanting to keep them clean. So fucking annoying man, it's like I fully had to swerve it.

Ratings for this. Young couple walking round the Highcross wearing those cardboard Burger King hats on. Not drippy goth kids looking for attention, but real humans, just living their lives. Great scenes.

Probably not the best slogan T-shirt he could have picked whilst minding the young one.

Mans just out here, on a show one innit. I love people in sunglasses and I love old asian men. You do the fucking maths.

That's it! Just a young post, small style. I'm going to try and have a busy next few days documenting Outlook and getting a podcast recorded. Thanks for popping by

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