Friday, 26 September 2014


Yooooo we back, we back. I didn't realise how long it's been since I did a diary post! Nearly two weeks. Let's go

I love how much young asian people love technology. Imagine how amerced in it their culture must be given how saturated ours is and we don't love it nearly as much as they do. Young asian people taking photos of everything on their iphones.

Checked out that new(ish) Turkish meze place on Braunstone gate the other day with Tom. It's pretty good, no Istanbul though. They do serve beer though, so good news for all you guys who like a pint with dinner.

I went to my Aunties house for a party the next day. It was my cousins girlfriends birthday party. Kerrie is a vegetarian, so most of the food was vegetarian. My auntie Sue come through with the vegetable curry, real real stuff for everyone. It was so nice, I took so much away.

My Auntie Mel did this bit of pork that had been cooked in cider and the top had been covered in a honey glaze. Jesus, it was so soft. I can't image seeing this and choosing to not eat meat. Ethics gone, everything gone.

Did you see that article Leicester Mercury published about places with 0 food hygiene ratings? Peri Peri Narborough road was on there. They've got an open kitchen that looks pretty clean, and they've not been shut down. Plus I ate there 3/4 times a week at one point in my life. I can only assume that you can instantly get awarded a 0 food hygiene rating if they find (for example) meat out of cold storage or something. Where as I can imagine these Peri guys getting the chicken out ready, knowing they'll get through X amounts of breasts before they close. Either way, me and Max rolled the next day as a show of solidarity.

RELAX MATE. Will these kind of sun glasses never not be hilarious?

Still the leader of the new school.

Imagine leading the sort of life where you had to pretend to be into this shit. Even the fucking packaging makes them look as bland as possible. despite being into keeping fit and working out and whatever I'm so glad I don't force myself to choke down stuff like this. A 6 pack would be nice, but a 6 pack of Snickers bars is undoubtably nicer.

EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. Look at this fucking dumb dumbs basket. Loose fruit, alcohol, more than a few bits. Taking the piss out of my life. Why the fuck did she think she would queue up for the self service? The store was rammed and the other check out assistants were busy too, so every time she fucked up it took ages for someone to come over and correct her mistakes. I swear we need licenses for these fucking machines.

She left her receipt, I obviously took a photo for your viewing pleasure. What made her think, with this basket that she would use this checkout? Honestly it makes me so mad, man. Double scanning items and shit. Fuck meeeeeee. YOU SHOULDN'T BE BUYING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER IN A TESCO EXPRESS

ANYWAY! That night I made fajitas, and I had loads of stuff left over. The next day for lunch I made some toasted sandwiches with all the lovely bits inside. These were seriously so so good.

It's always a ramping ting when I'm around Lenny. Nah, shout to him though. The only cat that knows not to fucking touch me.

My sisters and Mum had never seen the Miguel leg drop video before the other night. Me and Curtis sat there dyyyinnggg at their reaction as they watched it for the first time haha.

Heeeeey! The day after Leicesters 5-3 thumping of Manchester United I saw Leonardo Ulloa in town! Had to get a photo with him, I felt kind of star struck haha. He was so tall in real life, quite a presence.

This shit is infuriating me at the minute. This guy is playing jazz flute with a backing track. You know how obnoxious that is? Who the fuck even likes that fucking sound? What is going through his head? Even with fucking in ear headphones I still can't drown out the sound of this cunt.

So rude man, in any other instance if you force something upon someone senses it's considered rude and evasive, but as soon as you're in the street playing music loudly everyone is just fine with it. This shit needs to stop.

Cillar had a wicked flat party the other night in her third year house. We were all going back to back on her laptop playing music off it. It was good fun!

I went to see T Pain with Brad at Republic last night. I didn't really know what to expect. I never do when these huge American artists do club PAs. He did a 45 minute set of all his classics and loads of covers and whatever, just having loads of fun. I forgot how many bangers he has, or has featured on. I've been listening to Rappa Ternt Sanga his first album loads recently so I really enjoyed it. He looked like he was having fun on stage, dancing around and whatever, it was pretty good.

BU BU BAAAANG THAT'S HOW WE WICKEDLAND! See you again soon no doubt, thanks for popping by. Feel free to leave a comment at the side in the new comment box!

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