Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Ayyyy we back with some more Wickedland. I've been so slack with the posts recently, but there is more stuff on the way so stay locked!

This is a real topboy juice, man. There's one bossman shop near mine that sells it. I guess it's Italian given FABAGELLO make it. It's fucking bright pink and every bit as delicious as you'd think it is.

Why just wear a little of Aquascutum when you really really love it? do the hat AND the scarf and you better get some trousers too to really stunt on the gram.

I made a massive ratatouille for the first time a couple weeks back. It was really nice but felt like it was missing something, even after adding a couple of bits and cooking it some more. In the end I chucked in some meatballs I had and it was the bollocks in it's final form. It kind of annoyed me; I set out to make a delicious veggie dish and as soon as I added meat it completely snapped. I love veggies, I really do but they always feel so much more wholesome when you let them dance with meat.

Big fucking Niall Quinn going on SHOW in the near seat. Picked up the exclusive new drop from Wellgosh and jumped on Super Sunday to shock the haters. Check out the shoe


Mad stuff going on at The Curve. No idea lads

More hot shit from the kitchen. Back slow cooking like I never stopped, this is a spicy sausage stew with loads of veggies. The second time I cooked this and it was so nice again if I say so myself.

Are you lot still using your phone on the train without making preparations for the weather outside??? Hahaha ok. By the way it's 2017??? Us real ones are just wrapping up the blackberry in a plastic bag because there might be many, many babes that need messaging at any one time. Catch up dickhead

Shout out to this don inside the Beastwang warehouse party. Where his peers are wearing any dead, second hand Adidas sweater that you would have never wore THEN lot alone now, my guy keeps it simple with a T shirt showing the cover of one of the most important gangster rap albums of the early 00s. When I asked him for a photo and enthused about his T shirt I got the impression he was oblivious to what he was wearing. Maybe he was on drugs. Maybe he wondered why this weird old man wanted a photo of him.

Quick paint down Morses for the opening of the Bring The Paint festival. Search it on Facebook to find out a little more about it, a really exciting graffiti festival that's gonna be taking over Leicester in the summer.

I've not been eating so much fast food recently. Finally decided I'm definitely gonna get real fat if I carry on like this, so I've made the smallest changes possible. So I treat myself to my first McDonalds in maybe 4 or 5 weeks and when I get there some U18s rave has just kicked everyone out and McDonalds was completely rancid and packed. The annoying thing was as well I had to wait ages to get my order because all these little divs were all getting their McFlurrys and whatever else.

Went for the Spicy from that signature range they do. It was kinda shit, second one I've had and I wasn't massively impressed with either.


This was the mothers day situation. Very serious stuff taking place.

Plate looking all mad and that

This fella was just having himself a little sit down on a sofa in the middle of the street. This was about 9:45 on Belvoir St on a Wednesday. No idea. He seemed happy.

We had a particularly nice Beastwang Munch for the break during our radio show. Myself and Nico bring each other stuff in to eat and this was the haul a couple weeks back. If you see those Vimto jelly beans cop on sight, they're so nice.

Shout out to these too. Had a pack of them and they're so satisfying.

Because I've been trying to eat better recently I've been cooking loads more. He's a little something I whipped. Mainly food today. Happy Easter!

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