Sunday, 30 April 2017


This time last week I was enjoying my jollies away in Budapest with a few of my boys. It was such a lovely place, here's some of the shit I saw out there.

The next day we headed for the Szechenyi Medicinal baths. The largest of their kind in Europe, the baths are heated by two thermal springs.

Everything there was so ornate and nice. It was such a beautiful well kept place, indoor and outdoor pools and a sauna and steam room.

Quick refuel at some sandwich spot when we jumped out

I had a steak and cheese. This sandwich shop was nuts, it was like Subway if Subway had any bollocks and didn't do some weird, almost impressive thing where they make the meat as dry as possible.

Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe a bridal fair? Who knows, either way, nice poster.

I'm guessing 4D scans aren't just a standard thing in Hungary, rather a service offered by an external company. Weird to think people would want to pay for that crap little picture of an unformed human doing it's best impression of sweet potato mash.

We came across this massive lorry that had fucked it and broke a cover on the floor. The ease with which the driver rolled the wheel out of the ditch was remarkable, as if this shit happens all the time. Regular shit out there.

We went to this medieval themed restaurant. The food was really nice, but the entertainment was notable. Weird, odd little blokes came out every 20 minutes or so and did some weird tricks. One bloke was balancing a glass on a knife, and flipping it in the air and catching it on the knife. Mental stuff.

A nice poster for Bánktió festival

Too cold for them

This place was cool. Near the ruin bars it was a little sort of garden with benches and whatever and loaads of food trucks selling all sorts of stuff. The street food in Buda was insane, every corner you turned there was something really tasty on sale.

All the architecture around Budapest was so nice. We stood and looked at buildings a lot

We discovered a rancid drink called Unicum. A Hungarian spirit that was kinda similar to Jaeger, but so much more disgusting. Obviously Dan and Jamie don't like their lives so they both bought bottles to bring back to England. It was fucking gross.

That's the rest of what I saw in Budapest! a wonderful place with loads of amazing architecture, history, scenery food and culture. It was soooo cheap, we crammed loads in, didn't stop eating and boozing all weekend and I spent little over £200. I'd strongly recommend going for a nice cheap short stay. I can't wait to go back.

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