Friday, 5 May 2017



You may have seen the video of Joe Budden sitting down with Lil Yatchy and DJ Akademiks floating around this week. The interview is largely Joe Budden grilling Lil Yatchy over not really giving a fuck about hip hop, over a couple of disrespectful things he's said about pillars of hip hop and so on. Fair game, any bloke with beads in his hair is a dickhead anyway, but Budden really really steals the show.

For the distain I have for Yatchy and his type of rapper or whatever you wanna call them, he handles himself so well in the interview. He's 19 and is so composed, well spoken and calm. Budden, almost twice his age and ten fold his experience is completely lost. The physical embodiment of bitter. I understand his negativity and agree with a lot of what he is saying but he completely loses it and once again comes over like a complete tosser.

If you've not watched it it does make for some interesting viewing. He must feel so washed and irrelevant and be pissed that this joker with red hair is the new hot shit despite the fact he can't rap. It's like Budden is really, really good at this one thing and cannot get it in his head that not everyone who makes hip hop music is OBSESSED with being the best with the bars. Yatchy has said from early he only gives a fuck about the money and I kind of like that

Budden is such a herb, I couldn't name you one song of his or spit you one line, but I know of multiple times he's come over like a bitter, washed up, boring old bald fuck. He needs to crawl into a cave.

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