Wednesday, 31 May 2017


I've been cooking sooooo much recently. Been trying to get loads of fresh veg from the market and make like a drunken ratatouille. Such a bloke-ish recipe, I looked at the recipe, figured I could do something similar and chucked this together. Lovely with a bit of chicken.

When I bought my laptop I envisioned this, but convinced myself I'd work away on it getting shit done while the football was on. They shouldn't put two important games on at the same time. I want to at least stand a chance.


My mate Fuchs. He was coming out of Papa Johns at the time.

I like my Fanta with no hice

Here's a poster I made for a surprise party for my friend James that his girlfriend Emma threw for him. The concept was such a cool brief, the party was centred around all the music he likes and was going to be played at the party, hence the festival line up poster.


Man I love peppers. I'm sure I've confessed my love for peppers here before, but I really fucking love them. All peppers. I've never had a bad pepper. All peppers are welcome to my pepper party. I can't believe something doesn't need to be made, it just grows, and it is so delicious as is.

Why is it always the blokes you don't particularly want to hug that do the whole FREE HUGS thing? I wonder how much weed you have to smoke to reach this level of alienation and loneliness.

Ice cream is a fucker isn't it. It was never one of those things I kept in the house and then Nico came to mine one time with two of those Ben and Jerrys pots and I got absolutely hooked. I don't need Cadburys getting in on the act. I managed to kick my dirty habit. This was like seeing an ex and she's looking really, really well.

From St Pancras to Heathrow they charge you £22. Can you believe that? Give a fuck if it's privatised or whatever, I do not care, that is insane for a 5 minute train. It cost me less for a taxi to the Leicester train station and then from the station to St Pancras together than it did to go 5 minutes to Heathrow. What a racket, fleecing people all day every day who are in a rush to get to the airport.

The Bring the Paint festival came to Leicester, what a wonderful wonderful thing to see in the city. Some of the best artists from Leicester, around the country and the world have come and plastered massive murals and pieces all around Leicester, mainly in the Cultural Quarter. It's hard to explain this to people, but some of the names really are the biggest guys in the world when it comes to graffiti. Guys who have been so important in defining what graffiti is over the last 20 or so years. Names I never ever in my life thought would come to little old Leicester, let alone leave us with something wonderful to remember them by.

All this is largely down to Izzy and GraffHQ. She's worked so hard to organise the festival coming to Leicester and after a week of running around constantly the city has changed forever. Leicester, to me, now feels like one of those normal UK cities that embraces graffiti and is awash with colour. I think if you went back and told my 14 year old self that this was going to happen in Leicester I would have laughed in disbelief.


For the few days the festival was on I was working on a mural for the Curve, where Breakin Convention had come to Leicester. A project that aims to get the public to embrace hip hop arts.

All week I've seen bits from writers I follow on Instagram that I didn't even know were in Leicester haha. It's crazy. I'm gonna collect a load more pictures from the Bring the Paint festival and post up over the next week or so.

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