Sunday, 6 April 2008


hello, some drawings first.

its been a little while, i was just getting enough stuff and ive been busy. i lost my little bluetooth thing too, so i had to use my mums phone cable to get the photos onto my computer. god!

these are some wiped at work what we sell. on them it says "disposable clothes IMPREGNATED with antibacterial agents." thats a bit strong int it.

asda think that have got big, fuck off bananas, maybe so in gurth and curvature, but never in length and general mass. for that shit, you need to go down to narborough road mate.

me, i dont know how old. i went to my mums work and seen this.

this is kyle, at the quay, watching england vs france argueing with YOU about technology and its never done anything good. he was watching the football on a massive projection screen.

i had a lovely breakfast one day last week at cafetwoten on narborough road. was nice.

kyle can play need for speed on gameboy sicked.

we went out for billys birthday, and for some sort of bet, daniel jumped in the freezing cold canal. all the students who havent seen it before were loving it. well done dan, it was really good. then he put a bin on, because it smelt better than he did.

its a red.on saturday, i travelled to sheffield to watch leicester get battered 3-0 by shef utd. was a bit of a shit game, but the fans were funny and that. never listen to elsa's train time-table.
so i went home from sheff, and went to a party. the next day i got up and it had been snowing. it was well nice on my way to work. these pictures show that i feel. CHECK DAZZ

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