Tuesday, 22 April 2008


hello. im a bit pissed off to be honest. i drew 3 really good drawings at work on saturday and i cannot find em anywhere to scan! its fucking gay! i hope they are in my locker at work. if i find em, i will stick em on.

here are some drawings though, clock the mental alan hansen.

this is the day i went to the driving range with dan, its was a right fucking run around! we went everywhere. i smashed this car windscreen with one punch.

so when i got to dans at 10 he realised he had left his clubs at his grandma's who lived near south wigston somewhere. when we got there, she wasnt in, so we broke into his uncles back garden to steal his clubs.

then we had to bike ride across leicester to humberston, but dan got a flat tire, so we got back to his and got the bus instead.

we got there and i was battering it, hole in one this, i got it the furthest that... then i fucking smacked it at some blokes head. BANG KNOCK OUT.

dan wasnt as good as me.we seen this creepy mask outside the towers hospital in the garden bit. scray innit?

then we go the bus back.

YES! more like constant win, nevermind 1 in 4! FUCK YOU! i got a cheese burger, 100 pounds off a thomas cook holiday, 35% off a magazine subscription, and a pound off at HMV.

this is still the king of juice. you must try it.
i seen this on the pavement.

i had a job interview on tuesday at the council office for a job taking photo's for peoples i.d cards. i got the job. on the way out of town i seen fucking trampy bird man with, fucking big suprise...i load of fucking birds. what a twat.

sorry you have to tilt your head sideways. near sammys house, i seen some div hanging out of his car pushing his bin up the drive as he pulled in. what a lazy king.

thats about it really, im going to go and make a good sandwhich, then i need to type up my c.v

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EDIT* i forgot to add, im going to do a new feature, called wasteman of the week. this week its the fucking sorry arsed twat who presents balls of steel. i hate his scripted, unfunny fucking bollocks, you know where all the jokes are going and he is just a twat. fuck him. his name is mark nolan, and he is the first fucking wasteman of the week.

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