Tuesday, 15 April 2008


hiya, its been about a week again. i brought a new bluetooth thing, but it was only a fiver so that was ok. sammy brought a double bed, so thats good. thats about it really, all the rest is on here.

to start off, here are some drawings.

he's been caught innit.
the guy at the front is called junior gyming, because he is wedge, but not the most muscles youve ever seen.
on sunday, ben had a lovely BBQ and it was wicked. it was raining, but we were all well well smug because we were under cover hahaha. here is kyle barbequing some things.

aaron was snapping away.

then, because of a bet billy kyle and dan made, we went down to pebble beach, so kyle could be wrapped up in bubble wrap and kicked into the water. it was so cold.

can you tell dan is a smoker? my role-model.

he's getting ready for it. psycing himself up.


this is one with girth.
also, i had some of that nice juice again, but this time i had a big one.
this is how to make another nice sandwich.
get a good nice bit of seeded baguette.

tropical lettuce


get the rest of the tatty salad.

fucking bang it on!

put some lovely salty, dry sandwich bacon on too!

admire it a bit, have a look at what you have made and that.
thanks gerry, you really shown us how to do a good sandwich. he is happy with it.

thanks alot for looking.

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