Thursday, 16 October 2008


yesss maaaaaaaaaan, its been a bit more than a week, and its been a pretty good one. ive been uni-ing and doing a bit of music. not much in terms of drawings, ill do a post soon for them.

i seen this old customer last week, aint seen her in a long time. she's still about, and still scaring the fucking shit out of me. as i was taking her picture she was proper grilling me. on sunday after work me and dave seen a car crash. it was a pretty nice MG in the crash, and dave told me you have to get the parts for it from asia now because it got bought out. this women was bare crying mentally, and her husband was very angry with the man in the other car.
christmas tree, slightly better view, W/ angels on window ledge.
man, fuck the credit crunch. i often think of a convo that me and aaron had a while ago about how bad it was when freddo's jumped from 5p to 10p...imagine if they went upto 15p?! low and behold i went inot work the next day and there they were still and smug and chocolatey but 50% more expensive again. i thought "thats shite, but atleast ten pence chew bars are still ten pence." i went in the spar and witnessed the beginning of the end. 7 for a quid. with money left over. fuck off credit fucking crunch please, just fuck off.

on a lighter note, this bloke was stood waiting for the lights to change for ages! the big sign might be a clue mate!!!! there was no traffic for a long time and he didnt cross.

would you let this nice guy in your house to fix your stuff? his teeth are so white.
b&s are killing it, new sign and everything. its got a real legit number on and that. bad news though, they are feeling the pinch of credit crunch too, upping their 5 for 50p to 4 for 50p. bad news. but on the other hand, they have got a really good selection of things in atm like these fake reeses (pictured below) they are really nice. good sugar free sweets too.

SKENG MAN VEHICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
the face won.
i went for maryland on my lunch yesterday and was so fucking happy. when they say "large chips" they fucking mean it man. i was sat there, looking at a massive portion and just thought fuck off every other portion of something ever, this is it.
birdmaaaans aaaabout.
fucking slags. they pair of em. i hate em. "maybe a v-neck would work better for you." the guy should have just popped her. they go around having a go at everyone for wearing black and that, when everybody knows black is nice. one of the best colours. another thing i was thinking is reckon they have kids? and then suppynanny could have a go at them for not being good parents. but then super nanny might be feeding her kids well bad, so jamie oliver could have a go at her, and show her how to do good healthy meals. all the t.v experts who's steez is getting people to be better at things that they do could all go round in a circle making each other better.

im done, hopefully put up some drawings after the weekend. have a good fun one.

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