Friday, 3 October 2008


yes yes yes yes yessss, so its a new one. whats going on? ive started uni properly now (no freshers week or any of that, real lessons and that) so ill probably be going back to about one post a week or sumpsing. ill post up a drawings one soon, cause i aint been doing much, but yes-out. ive been well skint all week, so thats a bit of a bummer, but ive been paid today so its ok. on with the pictures.

so very very often these days i see this little player bezzing about in his player mobile. this is more or less the one i want (and will have for next summer i hope)
walking down to uni with aaron we seen these two old indian men holding hands and that. they werent crossing a road. the one on the right was bare old as well, on some next-long-beard-guru-nanek-ting.i had an hour to burn when i got to uni, so i was searching the web and that, looking at stuff. i came across this website for people who are selling old football shirts, and i remember ages ago i was tlaking to sam elliott about my favourites ever, and i said the goalie one kasey keller wore with the cogs and that on, and this one david james wore for liverpool. although this one doesnt have a badge, its the one i was on about. at the time i couldnt find a picture of it anywhere, but here it is!
when i saw him, he was blasting around with his feet still on the ground really really fast.

also, when i went into office i saw probably the tallest man in the world about. he was huge. he was a fucking giant. if you look at the second picture of him, and see where the guy to the right comes upto in the counter, he is about normal height. next time you go in there, stand next to the counter and see how big it is next to you!
in h&m for kids they have this wicked hat. as if you wouldnt spend all day long pulling it over your face.
"as part of our commitment to creating a more sustainable enviroment we have moved to paperless facilities." as in their is no paper towels in the holders, but there isnt any new dryers or anything. there idea of paperless facilities are you, having to wipe your hands on your jeans.
on tuesday the teacher at uni shown the group an example of if you dont come in, its not good for you, the thing he was showing was my groups register from last year. the pink is when we werent there.


i took these uni because i had no money this week.

so get your bread out, nice white slice.
put a nice bit of mayo on it, a big bit, cause you dont wanna have a dry sandwhich, and you dont want to have butter and mayo together.
just bit of iceburg lettuce, bang it on.
cook yourself some nice bird eye chicken fillets in batter last night, and put them on, very very big and tasty.
put another peice of bread ontop of the chicken thing, and its more or less done.

put em in bags, cause youve got to take them out with you on your travels.

this sandwhich at uni was too much. yes aaron.
sammy bought me a mates for dinner the other night. i havent had one in ages and it was really quite shit. they used to be so so nice, but now the guy with the nice eyes aint working there anymore you get shitty chips, with too much mayo and a burnt burger bun. it was still ok though.
when i went to booker on thursday evening it had been raining a bit, and the sun was at that level just before it goes down and its dead in your eyes. the whole way upto work it was in my face, pissing me off. hopefully next week it will have already gone down, and it will be winter soon.
at the council i was running to and from b-block and i bumped into kyle. its not often these days i see kyle on a one to one basis, and we sat and had a really good laugh, before i knew we had been chatting for about 30 minutes. here is a photograph of me and kyle chilling.


another guy who i used to think was ok, until he got too in the public eye, and too in your fucking face about who he is. "get your hands washed big fella", do you want to be anymore patronising and ladish (sort of like vernon kay). who lurks in a supermarket and pops out from behind stuff? and then when its all done, there is a tiny fluffed up portion that would no way feed four people. ramsey would batter him.

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