Thursday, 10 December 2009


i haven't been snapping away this week so much because ive been so busy with uni and that. its all been going off, we have had formative assessments this week. however, scroll down to see whats going on.

start off with some roadkill. im thinking of rounding up all the roadkill photos from various wickedland posts, and presenting a sort of "BEST OF".

went upto sheffield mid-last week. and while i was getting a bag of crisps in the shop, i was in the queue and clocked four magazines talking about that cancerous slag jordan. magazine one exclaimed "were tied together forever!" while magazine two said "i dont want to be with pete anymore"

aftet that, it talks about how she "dumped alex in tears" and then on the final paper it says "katie and alex are back on". things are marginally better now that twat jade goodie has finally fucked off, but this twat katie needs taking down. just fuck off, seriously. even the senseless pricks who liked her before dont like her anymore, so her life is worthless.

YOOOOO! got to sheffield and went to see sam elliott. we listened to some nice dj premier cuts, that shit is so good man. we chilled out too, it was pure cool man. talked to sam about him making his own solo hip hop cd, and i said i would produce some beats for him. i think that shit is gonna get started on next year.

here are a couple of dj premier tracks, bang dis by blaq poet, and so ghetto by jay-z. listen to them.

the real reason we were there though was because for Christmas valena got me and her tickets to go and see ricky gervais' next live tour called science. it was so fucking funny, he looked fatter in real life, and came out riding on a segway.
went out for a few drinks that night with jamie and some of the Sheffield heads who i met last year too. things got a bit messier than planned, it was proper fun though.
for 20p in the canteen at work you can get some skittles from like a twist vending machine, where you get a handful, like when you went swimming when you were a kid. (remember the 20p popcorn out of the vending machine at swimming when you were a kid? shiiiit) well dont get me wrong, i like reds, but they aint the best, deffo not. purples are. so given that, look at this handful i got? fucking sick, probably more purples in there than what you get in a full packet. pretttttttttttyyyy gooooooooooooood!
went to get peppers from the indian supermarket and saw the most phallus-like vegetable ive ever seen. it was huge, and memorising.
also, in big news, im planning on dropping my third solo mixtape next week. got all the tracks done, finished the front cover, just double checking everything is in order. check out the time when i took the picture on my ipod too, austin 3.16.

this one is solid grime, and as well as selling hard copies off my body, im going to put it up on youtube, and up for download. maybe one big roller, and then a zip file with separate tracks, either way, ill put it up on here.

im a cat. i leave home, then put up posters saying "im lost". sympathy, you lost your cat, but you lost him. responsibility, accept that. just put help - lost. you are not the cat, and cats do not make posters.
last night, went to see law abiding citizen with dan and brad. it was good, like most action movies these days you need to suspend belief and there is a lot of things that were just completely unrealistic, but there was some really good ideas, i enjoyed it! dan got full on cinema and got popcorn and big man drink. cheers to bradley for the free tickets.
why so fucking bright? bright and low. in not a vampire, or anything like that, and i like do like bright days. but you know this time of year? when its so low, and its not even like you can think of wearing sungalsses cause you will just look like such a twat.

fuck this dickhead now man. the best thing; girls aloud's video's are in jeapody because this twat thinks she is better than them lot. doing x factor and that shit, she aint even that fit anymore. with x factor, four judges does not work, because you can have 2-2. its not like when there was three and it would always be 2-1. also, her single is so shit and overrated, literally one of the worst pop songs ive heard, but everyone seems to fucking bum it. the video was shit too. fuck off, fuck your skinny frame and fuck your twat boyfriend, still.
drawings up soon, and more next week, i hope you enjoyed the post!

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