Friday, 18 December 2009


At last uni is done for the year, and im just back to chilling. check out the weeks stuff whats been happening.

for alot of this week, i was in the library at uni. this meant being subject to alot of twats. it seems you cannot go anywhere in the library and get a bit of peace. if your not sat next to a couple of indian rude boys telling each other how "twizzled" they were last night "zanzi's" you will be sat next to a couple of loud african girls fucking leaving there phones on loud and just being twats. fuck off, its not a social club, its a fucking library.

even this girl, wearing a I HEART BENIDORM. why? buy it, but dont wear it. even the two people behind her looking over could'nt believe it.
who has seen this? there i was, two days before the hand in of a 2000 essay on ethics and identity, with not a word wrote. blank word document burning my eyes out.
then, when i got out of the library that night there was a man, on the phone just kneeling there. it was fucking freezing, it was about 10 at night, and he was just kneeling outside, chatting. mad head.
work the next day and i saw this lemon with a nipple. big nipple poking through its fishnet top.
after football on sunday (which honestly is beginning to get a bit too out of hand with too many people coming, 26 this week, and it was just shit) i went round max's to meet jimlad and him and watch liverpool get done 2 -1 by arsenal. there banter would have cut me if the club they supported wasnt just a fashion statement.
kuyt cutting them man up to no avail.
max however was going on a fucking mad one, with half of a pepsi max can, and half a can of diet coke he nearly made the world cave in by mixing the two. he drank it and it was fine apparently. (just so you know, he filled up the diet coke can and chucked the pepsi one.)
me and my sisters got my mum and dad a couple of presents for taking us away. we got my dad a bottle of whisky, and he took the pink cross thing off and wore it like a hat. brilliant.
crissthis was a late one, i stayed up until 5.20 writing my essay the day before hand in. even at that time i was sat next to some loud twats jumping around and shouting, and then half way through, at about 3 in the morning this lad came in, sat two computers down from me and started watching something listening to it through has headphones. what proceeded was so fucking annoying, he was fake laughing, like as if it was so unbearably funny. you when you can just tell people are fake laughing? when they are not finding it funny, but want you to be like "what you watching then you mental? ay ay?" fucking nob head, what was he doing just chilling at that time. again, its not a fucking social club, fuck off.
blurred out because embarrassing. /noplagiarism

its also not a hotel. people were asleep left right and centre. i dont have the bollocks i used to have. he was with a few of his mates, and i didnt want to get up close to him to take a picture and his mates be like "what you doing?" and wake him up. alos, the phone ive got at the minute takes about 5 seconds to focus and actually snap the picture, so i would have been stood there for ages. this will have to do, im sorry.
im sure you have all seen the facebook hype. fantastic man. yoooou trainspotter.
the next night, me, john, bradley and dan went to tuesday night mosh. it was actually alright, they have sailor jerry's now, so i was on that. i ended up going bed really late and then having one of the busiest christmas rush days ever at work the next day.

but it was cool because when i finished i went over to valenas and she had done a chicken roast Christmas dinner. it was so fucking next that i forgot to take a picture of it when i first got it. it was fucking lovely.
also, as im sure you saw, it tried to snow yesterday. embarrassing really. everyone starts going mad, but all it means is when it gets icy that night you have to take really small steps like a twat.
started making my hard copies of the first batch of my new mixtape yesterday, for a download look at the side bar on here, the post above this one or my page on facebook.

WASTEMAN OF THE WEEK - JAMES WAN (the creator of saw)

fuck this dickhead honestly. are you familiar with the phrase 'flogging a dead horse'? its only twats who seriously still give any thought to saw. when will that shit stop? you will never create the first one again, its as simple as that. and you have got dyed red hair. i fucking hate that shit, you know it comes round to october/halloween time and a new saw pops up, billed as the final one. then next year the same again. the bad thing is there is some little prick somewhere who will have all the dvd's and when people ask him his favorite film, we will say "all the saw movies!" your opinion is wrong.
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