Friday, 25 December 2009


JANUARY - poker and football both started off well in the new year, i went down to london and also recorded the "yeah whats it all about" mixtape with darryl.

FEBRUARY - i went down to cornwall, entered my 20's, there was a young dad and i went to poland too.

MARCH - panic re-opened for a short lived bout of realising how old we were, and jade goody started to die.

APRIL - spring came, not a great deal happening.

MAY - billy pissed away his student, the influx of KA black grapes and me and dan moved in to the flat.
JUNE - manchester united put up a poor performance against barca, the sun came, so did the UFC fight between JR and billy, kyle and hof rolled around topless, and michael jackson died.

JULY - for a day, salmon fighting swept the living room, ricky came and went again, kyle started his reformation of life programme in part with iceland, the flat got messy and john had a bit of a win at the black horse.

AUGUST - carnival got rained on pretty bad, i went to bulgaria with valena and the multi-gym began its role as the main part of our life.

SEPTEMBER - newcastleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

OCTOBER - jimlad done fucked up his ankle, they protested about the bringing down of the bridge, and the nights started drawing in.

NOVEMBER - singapore, bali (bike and elephant riding) and australia
DECEMBER - sheffield with valena to see ricky gervais, crap snow that went on for time, and the boys back in the bits.

the year of wickedland.

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