Monday, 3 August 2009


alright everyone? im in london now, mans off to bulgaria with valena tomorrow. last week, when i was updating there was this african woman in the dmu library, and she was being well annoying. she was watching youtube and laughing out loud like she had never seen the internet before. shit was unreal.

me, jimlad and john went for a mcdonalds and had a right good laugh. on johns cup it said "long, tall and cool" and on jimlads it said "caramel". mine didnt say any shit about me.
soar point the following evening with blake, jimlad, vanessa and john. we went on to superfly after, and it was a bit dead, but it was a laugh. 
WICKED OUUUT. bradley joined us and we had a good laugh on the way home.
we saw a fake akon on some poster for a up and coming party. so for being an imposter, we scratched his fucking eyes out.

british summertime.
my sister done me a lovely dinner with chciken stew, colcanon and all potatoes and shit. me, kuljit, nat and sarah ate it and chatted about some bits and bobs. 
dave and me got a bit wet on the way to work on thursday. i had a good shift though, so its ok.
poker that night, and jimlad won as per usual. i came second.
you ever had that feeling where like your shoes are a bit tight, and your getting blisters or whatever? plasters? thicker socks? vaseline? fuck that, just cut down the backs of your shoes innit, then you dont have to worry about it.
saturday, and i booked the day off work to go to the carnival. it fucking pissed it down. me, sam and john had only just got there and the rain started going fucking ridiculous. we got so so soaked. met bradley, walked a bit, got chucked out a taxi, bought a swag cd, got a bus back to the flat.

cue instinct with antony hoppkins and cuba gooding junior RMXD.

next time your in royal, spending money, look to the left and clock the milkshake machine. get one for 1.50, and they are so nice. milky and nice. then, go home and watch creep with jimlad, john and elsa (and his new beard). 

in other news, remember the other week when i did sausages, potatoes and pan fried courgettes and peppers? and my mum grew the courgettes? well she kept growing some of them and loo at the size of this fucking marrow. are you really stupid? note: my dad isnt that short, he is just crouching down for the photo. NO MIDGET

its so hard to put my finger on why i think this bloke is a prick. i think for one part, i hav trouble getting to grips with americans who are celebrities over here, but not in the states. for instance caprice. fuck off back over there, as if we are easier to smash or whatever. then, there is the fact that he is purely a budget, made for tv tom cruise, always smiling from ear to ear, and never not looking perfect. also, do you know when people come out from nowhere? and suddenly everyone is all "oh yeah, its just him. dont worry, he has been about from day one.." and your thinking, no he aint. why is he on loose woman and shit? who is he. thats why i dont like this prick. have an opinion mate, dislike something, please.

i dislike you. 
i probably wont be on for a couple weeks, because im going away. if by chance the plane crashes then this is the last real post for the rest of time. see you later

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rio2 said...

er.. actually Barrowman has dual Scottish American Citizenship, and has probably spent more of his adult life in the UK than in America, (he was born in Scotland, moved to America as a kid, then back to UK in his 20s when he got his big break in the West End in 1989) so it's a bit much to tell him to get back to the states. (He was presenting Live and Kicking and the Movie Game on British TV in the 90s!).