Tuesday, 25 August 2009


SO I DIDNT DIE IN THE PLANE JOURNEY. i went bulgaria, and had a really good time. it was dead hot and i ate some really nice food. like this pizza on the first night we touched down. we stayed in valenas uncles apartment in a city called plodiv.

they had these little cars everywhere.this was when there was a nice sunset from the balcony of valenas uncles apartment. fill in the blanks, imagine i took a real nice camera, instead of my phone camera.

after a few days we travled by coach across the country to the seaside town of sozopol. the beaches were super nice and it was well well hot. the sea was salty.a tiny dog sooo....in the town there, they had this well nice cake stall, but we never got to get a slice, the day we went to get some it had gone somehow.we looked in a little art shop/gallery. that was nice, there was some crazy good stuff there.i had a bottle of water and turned the little rim bits out so they looked like a sad face with a massive nose. its really honestly as simple as that.
the coast went right round in a semi circle, and at night you could see all nice lights and stuff.
this was the single biggest pisstake a thing i occured on the whole of bulgaria. the silly train carried about 40 people, and was the only public transort across the whole of sozopol. (around about a 2 hour trip by foot.) it was hourly. if you missed it, you had to wait another hour. if we needed to get into town from where we were staying, and it drove by us full up of people, we had to wait another hour. it was a fucking joke.

a nice beach towel.
some crazy temporary tattoo's i saw they were well cheap, and i was thinking about getting a whole bunch. they had some good tigers and eagles and shit.

most people dressed like prostitutes. or rode around in wooden carts drawn by horses like gypsies.

one evening, without trying, i almost perfectly cut my chicken into the shape of africa. i was made up, valena; not so. i thought, yeah, wickedland guys will enjoy this.

old town one day to do some drawings, we saw the old ambitheatre (sp?) and walked for what seemed like ages over cobbled hills (pictured). highlights however were me seeing this t-shirt. i got a nice one, so look out for that soon.

i drew this house, its a bit up the page near the top.

we went to a really nice restaurant one night when we had got back into plodiv. we went with a friend of valenas mum called john, and his friend who had an everton fan, and i would have ripped him about 6-1 arsenal, that was if liverpool hadnt put up the weakest efforts to lose to spurs just that day.

at the bottom of the menu, it had a little cartoon of a cow being dragged into a slaughter house. ha ha

this little sun thing pissed me off. it was on the 3rd floor of the block of apartments where we were staying. we were on the fourth floor, so everytime i saw him, he was either saying "one to go, mate" or "ages of stairs left". smug little prat.

one day we went go karting and bowling and that with zaprian, one of valenas mates. it was a really good day, i love that go karting shit, where ever it is. and i even managed to nick a sort of ski-mask thing that they gave us to wear underneath the helmet, ask to see it next time you see me.

got this, literally about 6 inches across, the freshest, softest, nicest baked cheese, tomato and ham pizza you have ever tasted. guess how much? about 30p. greggs guys should be ashamed of them joke selves. i went in yesterday and the pizza breads are £1.05 and about the size of your palm.

i bought this for a go, it was coffee and coke flavour. straight in the bin.

now we are talking! white twix was baaaaad.

holiday dad back at the heathrow baggage carosel, wearing a straw hat, shirt, shorts and flip flops. what a prat.

the whole point of hand free, is that you get to use your hands. the bad points are genally the wires that are all of a sudden everywhere. i dont think this dumb bitch actually got it. she was stood there chatting away, holding the little microphone bit upto her mouth.


granted. obviously, has made some amazing films. however, i fucking hate this cocky, arrogant twat. on my dvd of pulp fiction, you can watch a little intro by him. on it, he says its the directors edition, with special features and that. he exclaims that there is no extre or different scenes, as the film couldnt be made any better. fucking div. you see him getting torn apart of johnathon ross the other week? also, whenever im lucky enough to see him in interviews and that, he just comes across like one of them twats who has absolutely zero people skills, a social retard. fucking fucked up face, lumpy div.

i bought the new FHM to read while i was in bulgaria. and his little interview was after an advert where the page was made out of card, rather than paper. so everytime i thumbed through it, the page it fell on was a close up of his ugly mug. arrogant cunt.

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