Tuesday, 25 August 2009


since ive been back a few small things have been happining. we have got those bigga drinks from the carnival in at work, they are a big more expensive then back grapes and given my current finicial state, i dont think ill be buying any any time soon. a few of us went polar bear on a thursday then onto life. i was sick in polar bear, and ourside, twice. viva la pound a pint. it was a level results night, and really young looking girls kept asking me "what i got?" aside from panic these days, it was one of the first times i felt proper old out.

thats remarkably cheap. bargain.
yeah! man shit! me hof and kyle set up the multi gym at long last, it was great fun, and its a lovley bit of kit. at 190 pounds (split between me and dan) its dead cheap.
football on sunday was a bit shit, the grass was long and not many people turned up.
these guys were asking about some visa shit in the dmu finance office yesterday and it was loooooong. all i needed was a form.
got up close man, like striking distance. still about, looking more and more fucked everytime you see her. probably searching for birdman, thinking "why you in sheffield man?!"
i told you it wasnt alot. stories of my travels to bulgaria below. thankyou.

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