Monday, 30 November 2009


YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, so im back now, here are the promised photos of things that i seen while i was away. i split the post up into three different legs, the first leg was from leicester to london, and then london to singapore.
we travelled down to london and stopped in a travelodge overnight. where it was, it was nowhere near anywhere where we could go out for a meal, so we got some takeaway burgers and them styles and ate in the hotel room. we watched match of the day, and drank some off this next mixed fruit flavour drink. it was natalies birthday too.

mandatory photo of wing on plane. this flight went nice, it was my first ever long haul flight, and because i dont smoke it was fine. i watched some films and tv on this little tv thing mounted into the back of the persons chair infront of me.
got to singapore and was struck by how tidy everything was. i knew it was meant to be clean, but fuck me, this was on some next level. it was beautiful too, loads of nice greenery everywhere, and lovely, big, modern architecture. 
everywhere, there was bare mandem in the back of cars chipping down the roads. workers innit.
begin, the new, next flavours of sweets. i bought home a big bag of all cool shit. grape mentos? thats the best one, but a whole tube of them? thats cool by me.
more mandem.
loads of mad vehicals chipping too. this guy had loads of things tied to his little bike.
got to the hotel, and everyone was so friendly. it was proper swanky and that, marble lobby and shit. got our bags took off us.
the next day, me and my two sisters went to this place called the sim lim technology centre. on some tourism website that my sister natalie checked out, it was billed as being "the cheapest place in all of singapore for electricals." i has out to find an external hardrive and a digital camera.
we got the bus there, look at this womens stripy hair.
we got to sim lim, and downstairs was some shop that had baaaaare nice different drinks in. look at this good packed fridge with alot of strange ones in. i found PI PA MI, a herbal drink, chose not to grab it. i had one that was cherry and grape mix, it was pretty nice.

this is a photo of the sim lim centre inside. in the middle, there was a massive escalator that went up six floors. it said on the website that the higher you go, the cheaper it gets. it was right, i got a 1000gb (1tb) hardrive for $100, (£60) and a 10.2 megapixel fugifilm digital camera with a 4gb sd card for $160 (£100).
later we went to some market place round the corner. i some some t-shirts, loads of that shit novelty kind you would find in lesta market. some mental shit, and some good animals ones.
just chilling with the other t-shirts, as if its alright to sell that shit.

when we got on the bus that morning, you buy like a day rover thing, so we went back into the city, and there was loads of nice buildings.

chicken, just chilling with the head still on, i just got some pork. there was loads of mad shit, like fish head soup and them styleees.

more mandem.
nice cheesecake at the airport. it had a chocolate brownie base. on the whole trip to be honest i had a lot of nice different cheesecakes. the best one i had was a new work style one from a little cafe a heathrow.

the thing with chinese people (whatever, singapore... you know what i mean) is they all look either really young or really old. two armed police walked by, and they looked well well fucking young. about 15 or something like that, with some very big guns.
thats the first leg over, scroll doooown.

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