Sunday, 15 November 2009


RIPPERROOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AUSTRALIA IS BONZA! my grandad is a right boy-o, deaf as anything though, so you have to shout at him alot. yesterday i played connect four with him for time, at first i was whooping him, then he started consentrating, and i litterally just couldnt win. in a few days im scheduled to watch jacki chan's 'Rumble In The Bronx', what i consider to be the jewel of his crown.

today, me and my family came to a little seaside town, its proper nice, lovely beach and some little shops and that sort of shit, its cool. i dont think much to australian tv, its a bit amatuerish.

alos, big news in south australia is the heatwace, and its currently 'unseasonally hot'. the weather at the minute is peaking at about 50 degrees. i feel like all ive gave you is facts with no funny shit or whatever, got this must be getting pretty boring these days. ive been snapping away, and the computers in this internet cafe havent got bluetooth (for taking pictures off my phone, Jamie) so when im back in the bits, im going to fucking batter it, and do a three part globe trotting special, with all the pictures in it, and ive seen some cool shiiiit man!!!!!!!!!
at the top is a photograph on the webcam in this internet cafe, see you soon everyone.

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