Monday, 12 April 2010


hiya. sorry i haven't posted anything all week, ive had my head burried in uni work and there hasn't been a great deal of thing to post up. here are my weekly events.

went round to darryl's new house on tuesday night. we produced and recorded a grime track for my fourth coming mixtape. it was good fun, the track has a westcoast kind of synth on it.

me and phil bumped into dave and lewis on the way home from work on wednesday. we chatted about this and that. it was average really. they were getting the van sorted out. some inconceivable man shit was wrong with it that a fairy like me just wouldn't understand.

waheyyyy, elliott was back for a few days. i was telling this pair about how some indian lad tried to mug me on the way back from darryls the other night, and they were all ears, sharing the position. hof even got a strongbow on the go.

went to the park thursday with dan and hof to take pictures of my dog for homework. it was such a lovely lovely day.

"mum, its stuck, i cant get it off... no ive tried, it just made it a bit oval shaped!"



me and elsa have bee recording tracks towards a full hip hop project called "boxroom special" that we have been working on for years. its taken years because he lives in sheffield, and i live in lesta, so every time he was down we tried to get a track done. well when it was very nearly done, my computer crashed and i lost everything. so we are in the process of re-making it.

over three nights, we laced 7 tracks, which we were both pretty happy with. it was literally just a case of re doing them, because we both knew the lyrics and arrangements.

saturday at work i kept a log of everytime me and keiran interacted throughout the day. noted times and what happens, highlights spanned from him buying me a can to phoning tiklesh on our break to throwing a tomato about.

after work, i went into town to meet jimlad. it was lovely, georgeous weather. cue hopeless goth twat in a heavy black felt coat and woolly hat. GROW UP YOU TWAT.

villa were robbed of a penalty, chelsea won 3-0.

i also burned my forearm on the iron earlier that day.

signs have gone up on the side of the old quay that is soon to be a tesco express. this is the best news ever, tesco express is literally the best best shop ever for snacks. tesco garage used to play a regular roll in my daily diet, and now i make every effort to get to the one round the corner from work. between summer and being at uni, i might as well start paying them rent.

wait until you taste the chocolate brownies. cheatcode: buy a banana choco-flakes crunch corner, put the chocolate covered cornflakes into the banana yogurt and dip the brownie in it. cue the best tasting thing of your life.
in the style of september 2008 when i said "from tesco garage you can get these really nice chocolate brownies. the only problem is they are a bit dry. so the trick is, by a banana choco flakes crunch corner, and put your brownie in it to soak a bit. its like a fucking sponge made out of chocolate that you can eat."

when we watched the football earlier that day jimlad talked me into a night out. after a fantastic homemade drinking game we went into town and into firefly. i remember being a bit pissed and seeing this guy, thinking why is he allowed in with his dog? now i feel like a bad person.

hof was already smashed by the time we got there.

met sam sawkill too, its good seeing him, i only see him very rarely. i know what your thinking. how white do the guy in the backgrounds teeth need to be?

a night of alcohol and sophbeck ensued, and a recovery trip to my mum and dad's the following evening for dinner seemed so earned. my mum is slowly going mental since i left home, and with news of my long awaited return to my former abode multiplied by my mums recent fever for watching masterchef, an amazing three course home cooked meal was laid on.
starter: homemade ham and cheese quiche
main: oven roasted stuffed pork loin wrapped in parma ham served in a red wine sauce with potato cakes and cabbage with pancetta
desert: sticky chocolate puddings with a sticky centre, and a dark chocolate and honeycomb topping.
natalie was so wickeded out.

football today. the last day of the season. we have lost all the other 9 games of the season. tonight we were playing the out and out above all winners of the league. they have players who play for hinkley united. they are athletic. gloomy mood looms as our 'team' arrives. i go for a pre match piss, turn round to wash my hands and happy tap looks at me as if to say "everything is going to be ok"

we lost 5-0. i told you they were good, its not even that we played shit, its just that they were footballers. i bet none of them could beat jimlad at fifa, or george at pulling girls or aaron at super skol.

astro turf pitches done fucked up my knee too.

i hope you have enjoyed my post as much as i enjoyed writing it.

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