Tuesday, 6 April 2010


yo. bit of a long one, its been a busy week.

this is a flick from the football on sunday last week, i forgot to put it up, just found it now, thought it was a nice photo.

i was walking to town and got a nice mexican chicken panini. it was proper nice. an office type bloke was walking down, towards me in the street near nats offie. he was eating a triangle plain white bread sandwich and he saw me looking at it. as he did, his eyes met mine, he smiled and said "yeah, you win". i thought yeah, bitch. get your shit down.

kyle typed about the go compare man. i wish you could have seen the bits that didnt make the cut.

jr came over later last tuesday to watch ufc 111. it was cool. he had chinese and he take forever to eat.

we went to the shop to get some munch. the shop was selling slightly bigger than normal refreshers for 29p. at work, our rrp on them is 15p. come on man!

also, that night i found 20 pounds on my bedside table under a roll of cds. wicked buzz out!

the next morning i saw a car that had been smashed in that night, i was in a rush to get to work, so i couldn't fuck about taking the perfect photo, but the bit of the car that was missing was about 10 yards up the road. someones gonna be pissed!

went to the library with ben. he was doing some reading and i was doing the monster munch photoshop work that i posted down a bit. it was a good day, but i left my sketchbook in the scanner! the library is closed until tomorrow (from thursday until wednesday) so i need to ring up and see if ive failed my module.

that night i burned these potato's i was doing. i tried to eat them, telling myself they were like little jacket potatoes sort of. nah, they were fucking horrible. had about 2 and binned them.

the next day aaron and billy come over. billy was beating aaron at fifa, so aaron set up a game where he was chelsea, and billy was loreints fc, some wak french team. needless to say, aaron won and was happy again.

that night i popped out to the co op when the rain stopped, to get pasta sauce. as i was about to walked out of the cop op, it started fucking chucking it down, hail and everything, it was mad. got soaked, was gutted.

the next day on the was to work it was proper dry. saw this poor worm, covered in like sand sort of, struggling to crawl along because it was proper dry now.

jake gave me a nice KA when i got there, and its all changed. not 39p, and the can looks a bit dead out now. still the same though. the ingredients have actually changed but it does taste the same, so its ok.

this was the pasta i made the night before. i had a lovely portion left for work the next day. pasta, tomato sauce, chicken, bacon, red peppers, sweetcorn and cheese. it was fucking so good.

some old clipping from nuts. if someone come to me and said "try to think of a word that definitely does not describe paul scholes." with out thinking i would say "gentleman".

dave has now left booker, so i made a leaving card for him, and got all the weekend lads to sign it. it was keirans idea, and i made a little pully that stuck out the spine and when you pull it, it waves. good innit!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLY. look at how smug he looked because it was his birthday. hahaha.

he also brought out these pictures of his brothers really dressed up. they were pure good.

jamie for president shit.
kyle is on the special brew, and so is billy. hahah pure wino drink, but kyle is cool with that shit.

never noticed this sign above the door in video box. its the old logo innit? on the boxes and that.

i saw two posh ruggers boys in mcdonalds. they were pissing me off, they were stood again the tills, both eating really disgustingly, stuffing there well fed faces. in the way. fuck off you pair of posh twats.

after a waiting around the bus station for about an hour and 15 minutes i got to loughborough for a kuttin beats dubstep event. i was mcing. it was good to see jon, we spoke about cool shit.
-----------SHEFFIELD APRIL 2010-----------

sheffield the next day after work with brad. this is what was going on on the coach, this guy was sat for ages in the most uncomfortable looking way.

we had our gentlemans magazines.

like badboys we picked the back seats, but it was next to the toilet. this indian lad who was sat infront of us went to the toilet, spend a little while doing his business, then when he came out, he looked at us in a guilty way knowing what he had done, ex hailed with his cheeks puffed and his eyes squinted as if to say "fuuuuucking hell" and just sat back down.

would you let your girl wear a hoodie that said "the beast"? especially not if she was a bit fat ay?

jesus christ.

met jamie, the sun was glorious.

went to mahmoods that evening, the liverpool v birmingham highlights were on. we ate.

got a couple of drinks for a warm up at jamies before going to the dance.

got through the most agro queue you have ever seen in your life. bare people like sardines, massive black lads kicking off everywhere. we were in it for an hour.
these two black girls called me and jamie mcfly in the smoking area. then she was like "no actually" to me. "if you had a bit more hair on top you are like jedward." ive never hit a woman before.

i told the bitch fuck it, take a mandatory LC picture and let us bounce.

there was some fucking messes inside. me and jamie the old sly 'go and stand over next to him so i can get a photo trick' to highlight this lad. he had like a taliban neck scarf around his had, and a demin one piece that had like bit at the bottom of the front so it looked like a shirt. it was fucking mad.

some woman with a blonde wig, wearing a pink dress, proper pink lipstick, pink shoes, pink tights with a pink bag, all the same shade. fucking hell.

met footsie, the other member of newham generals, and he told us all the guys who were booked were coming out at once like a sidewinder rave. we were beginning to buzz out thinking it was going to be amazing.

there was loads of bassline and funky house. the only good thing about this was flirta d was there, a really strange good mc, he makes it sound like he is using samples. watch the video below.

got to the grime showcase, after braving hours of these fucking wasteman birmingham bassline guys all talking at once and being on for ages it was finally time for skepta, wiley, ghetto, griminal, footsie, d double e, wretch 32, tempa t, scorcher.

ghetto and griminal kicked off and did a p.a, it was ok, but not really grime. the sort of pop tunes and commercial stuff.

after that, newham generals joined them on stage, and cameo took to the decks. it was his birthday bash. as you can see on the flyer up a bit it says "dj cameo's big birthday boy grime showcase". bare in mind that we have been listening to swag funky house for the last 3 hours he came out and played more funky house. all the lads incase were like 'whats going on?' but all the girls were feeling, it was fucking bullshit.

the energy just left the room. hardly any of the mc's turned up anyway, it was only griminal, ghetto, footsie and double. needless to say all those wasteman bassline mc's came back out and begged the mic. it was fucking bullshit. cameo killed the mood, you could see the mc's werent happy at all.

some agro kicked off, and a massive circle opened up. bare people were running about, girls were crying and screaming, the music got stopped and the house lights came on. nobody really knew what has going on, but there was a wave of blokes in the middle argueing and that. a woman came out and stage, said the night was over and police stormed in in numbers. paramedics with stretchers came in two, there was no gunshot sounded so i think someone got stabbed.

you cant see, but across the road there was a cheat code black police van. black one. literally the proper shit, normal police vans get out of its way when its sirens are on.

the guy who searched us on the way in told bradley that he would have to ditch his hat. he told him to put it round this corner.
he took it off, and snook it in, but when we got in we couldnt believe it people were wearing a du-rag, with a head scarf thing, new era cap over that with a hood up, and nice guy brad gets told to loose the little beanie. some bullshit night, the drama was the best bit.#
i added it up, and that was the 6th time i was meant to see wiley and he hasnt turned up.

went to see sam elliott the next day, he was chilling, as ever!

got some chips, i liked this writing on the little poster. i spoke to the indian guy in the chippy about where he is getting his sauce from, and it turns out he is paying far to much for it. i told him they are £1.29 in booker.
bottom line is cameo is a fucking prick. play grime at a grime night, especially if you are a grime dj. sell out bastard. ill chat to you soon, see you later, bye.

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