Monday, 19 April 2010


yooo, gonna put a few posts over the next few days, been feeling a bit uninspired recently.

went for a knock about on fullhurst last week seen as it is just down the road. it was cool, just a bit of cuppies and that. it was a lovely day, and by the time we got down there it was all drizzly and rank.

jimlad just wanted answers. "why did you fuck me over so so bad?" ben about snapped jimlads ankle in a malicious and menacing attack around a year ago.

max came over and had some tj's. jimlad and dan got chips. i had royal.

new promotional pepsi.

the sun, as ever on top form dwelling in the canteen at work on wednesday. a couple of genius clippings.

i went to london for a few days towards the end of last week to see valena. seen this dungaree sporting character complete with pork pie had too.

got the bad boy back seat with cheat code legspace. crap if you plan to go sleep though, nowhere to rest your legs to prop yourself up.

next to me. in body and spirit.

i didnt spot them in leicester at the time, but ive seen them since. one thing i noticed when i got into london were billboards from the conservative party, with gordon browns face on. this one reads "i released 80,000 criminals early let me do it again."

popped to blockbuster to get some dvds. i got a few good ones, nice and cheap as ever!

i love these sweets. they are like a cross between chewits and them nice milk bottles. only like 25p too. they were from this really good little shop.

watched an episode of ricky lake. it was like old friends re-united. the person below was a bloke in high school who had a sex change. for every person on the episode, they would bring out a special friend and meet up again, see if they remember them, given how much they changed. (there were old couples, best friends etc etc.)
this person came out, introduced themselves, went off, their friend came out, got given a couple of cryptic clues as to who it might have been, made a couple of wrong guesses and then the person below came out.
you got the impression that the he/she below was much more fond of the friend than the friend was of the he/she. they didnt seem to bothered to see them, more like over time the mild nodding acquaintance had grown in the he/she's head. this person was going fucking crazy, throwing arms around the friend, and poor friend was just a bit suprised and shocked.

now. now. near valena's house this amazing shop has opened up. one of the best kind. calls its self a supermarket, but is just a massive corner shop.

they stock everything. all the good shit. 10p chew bars (every single one) a range of obscure and fruity tropical drinks and a good selection of confectionery.

a great alcohol selection, and all manor of juices and cans and cartons. literally one of the best shops ive ever been in, no joke. these are the sort of things that matter in life.

this is the king of the castle. the emperor of the empire. the king of the kingdom. i congratulated him on what a great shop he had, and told him i was genuinely very impressed with his business blueprint.

london underground was as carried and busy as ever.

back in leicester, i spent a ridiculously nice couple of days inside work. in saturday i had a inbox full of messages saying "come pub" "come park" and so on, and all i had was "got work". i collected the trollies on saturday, and the sun was so hot and nice.

on a good note though i pimped out my locker, got my shit organised. pens all in one place, deoderant, drinks and a bit of space.
if you are wondering about the cans on ka, its because this twat who we work with removed the ka channel in the vending machine that everyone loved so much to replace it with another fucking coca cola one. what a prick. me and keiran are on going halves on cases and sharing them. ill keep you upto date.

speaking of lockers, i went to get to mine today, and the genius uni that i go to had stacked tables, chairs and easels high in front of mine. fucking priceless. i fucking hate dmu, its so shit.

saw a couple of rank little twats about the campus after though to lift my mood. this rat packer...

and this gimp. it was fucking hot this morning. drop the act, matrix man. he was sweating bad, and i just thought what is he doing that for? are the rest of his clothes that shit where he thinks that's his best option?
it not like he is dressing that was for girls, its clearly for himself. so has he not got a better suited thing to wear on a day like today? grow up you fucking div.


got in, and i was very very impressed. its a good size, well priced, and they have alot of everything.

i found my fucking brownies, so so happy about this. they sell the good chicken pasta pots too, so they will be getting boshed regular!

been playing GTA san andreas recently too. i forget how much i enjoy this shit. im at the bit where you first go to the casino.

got my brownie, got my banana yogurt, and dipped that shit. it was so so good, has not changed one bit. delicious.

football tonight and it was the start of a new season. new season, new start, new line up. we are really trying to have a good go of it. it went well, we won 5-1!!!
first win for us, we scored more tonight than all our matches put together before, and conceded less than ever before. george and dan were golden upfront. steve even managed to get away with a match ball.

we were buzzing out to the max.

im going to do a good innit, and some more drawings soon, hope you read it every word.

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