Friday, 15 October 2010


hello hello hello, another weeks worth of goings on, here are some photos. im aiming to do a little drawings post by the weekend too.

last friday (as you may have seen in the post below) me, jamie and max went to see pmoney and logan sama at the student union. it was shit, over priced, nobody was there, but logan played a good set. pmoney was being really lazy too, but what can you do with a half empty room. head half gone.

blacks sprayed out a little bit at the end, better than pmoney's whole set.

the promoters were fucking buzzing, really energetically dancing on the edge of the stage after pmoney and blacks went off. ha ha.

these minging lesbians were begging attention. they kept kissing and then looking round to see if anybody had clocked them.

met and interviewed logan sama after, it was so horrible. here is the video if you missed it below.

some other guy was doing an interview. boring shit no doubt. jamie has got the best interview questions.

saw and enjoyed this in the paper.

went into town after work to see a bit of the whole EDL thing. it had all calmed down by the time i got there, just a lot of police and tramps knocking about not really doing alot. seen some funny videos on peoples phones though.

john and dans coco pop + stella challenge.

stella turns the milk horrible!

john and dan had a little eat off, and it was fucking horrible. they were both battering it back for no reason, so so rank.

theo won a new whip for being the 10,000th peri peri customer. normal day.

the weather was too sick on sunday, proper warm and bright, it was lovely. we played football and it was glorious. even kyle came.

seen this wanker on the tv sunday night. blonde dippy curtains and a smoking jacket crew say eww eww.
also, glamorous fags from davidoff

this guys choice of footwear made me laugh. really practical office shoes with funky topman shorts. dont worry about it, he has got it covered.

fuck charity, its fucking shit. every time i give to charity i always get fucked over. there was some student bake sale at the union and im partial to cake so i had a little go. i got a brownie and a flapjack. they were both as shit as each other, both dry as fuck, they made my eyes water as they scratched down my throat. the brownie was fucking crumbling. it was some bewlshit.
there is a lad who has started my course and has a v for vendetta face in his photo on the wall in the studio.

also i saw this woman, atleast 40 longboarding round near jarrom street.
imagine if your mother had a breakdown and went back to uni. she makes a facebook profile and you see her tagged in photos drowning her sorrows in student halls while all the young people laugh at susan. also, you hear she is fucking skateboarding. i would be pyerssed. she picked her board up just after i took this picture to go over the concrete bit and looked over her shoulder. this fucking dumb bitch pissed me off. grow up you hippie twat.
royal chicken is the best eating establishment. i love it. i love how easy it is. i love how they have rubicon mango practically on tap, and i love the service. the safe main guy is leaving soon, going back to pakistan, he was only here studying. i hope to god it doesnt close down in 6 months.

eric come to our tuesday night thing and spent the whole night getting off with his girlie. i dont wanna get carried away ladies, but he looks like a pretty good kisser!

big up to uncle Peri for getting the drinks in. i felt like such a cunt when he bought me a beer and i didnt want to drink it. he asked what i drink and i was feeling vodka, and vks. with about half an hour of the night left he bought me 3 blue vks and a double voddy and coke. cheers pez!

thats right, "britains top comedian" was in the sun on wednesday. the 'top comedian in britian'. some how. not ricky gervais, not even long serving british comedy staples like bill bailey and billy connoly, fuck it; not even thick peoples choices like peter kay and lee evans. michael mcintyre.

i dont care what anybody says, green sweets are the the equivalent of ginger people. i opened a bag of m&m's to find this. i wanted to go back in the shop and dash the packet at the shop keepers head and tell him he is chuppid. she pissed me off, good job the different colours mean literally nothing in a bag of m&m's.
went for a nice meal with valena the other day. valena went for a big steak and i had some moussaka. shit was goooood.

also, saw this new style in royal last night, you can wear what you want now, so its ok, im not having a go.
kyle is here now drawing some pictures, so ill post them when he is done. mainly muscles and mouths so far, but anything could happen. cheers for reading.

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