Friday, 1 October 2010


i really have. quickly looking back through these pictures then its been pretty good. maybe this is a bit premature, as i last posted the weekly post on monday morning, but i have just got a bit of time and wanted to take advantage of it.

we saw a massive dog in town, i dont know if the photo does it justice, bit it was fucking huge. i looked him square in the face and went "you wasteman". zero he can do about it, the cunt.

also, we saw a guy with bleached jeans, 14 hole docks and a tassley leather jacket. he went past us in town and we missed the photo opportunity, but luckily he was pacing down narborough road when we went by.

football on monday was fun too. we were playing some team who looked pretty good (by that, i mean they were all wearing the same kit, and were all young men.) after about 5 minutes of the match it became clear they wanted to play dirty, and they were. elbows, kicking, pushing, they had two players sin binned during the match for stamping on our players on the floor, and cropping our players and then booting balls at them on the deck. they were arseholes, there should have been more than two.

with about 4 minutes to go, still 0-0, their keeper comes bombing out, botches a slide tackle, and tom ends up slotting into an open goal to give us a 1-0 lead. we held it down for a couple of minutes and ended up beating these tramps 1-0. booyah. queue team photo. (sneaky shin-pad 'W' by jimlad).

of course we cracked open the fruit polos to celebrate upon returning home. dan got yellow and orange, i got double orange and john got purple/red. unbelievable luck displayed by the irishman again.

the following night me and darryl played at superfly's new student night 'picnic'. it was wicked, we played the dubstep floor, and it went so nicely. as you can imagine, it was freshers week, so everyone was really up for it, the crowd were cracking. a mosh pit started to darryl new tune 'war'. looooool.

wednesday morning sent me back here, uni. for what will hopefully be my final year of education. come may next year, an old boy from work called david is retiring, after most of his life working. come may next year, hopefully i will be graduating, after most of my life in education. you know that thing were like when one old person dies, a baby is born? i feel its kinda like that innit? like he is finishing working full time, just as a start. he is passing the baton on to me.

we had a welcome back lecture, telling us whats in store for the year to come. the projection at the front read "you can pay $1m for your education but it will not be worth anything without a passion for the subject."
i feel fucked. when i left college i was a sharp young designer, who genuinely cared about graphics. since getting into to uni, ive not learned a lot of new skills, forgot a lot of stuff i learned at college and have been constantly told how few jobs there are in industry for how many designers graduate every year.

i feel so sorry for this guy, what a shit job.

i saw this at the freshers fair, some student night coming up. i walked by, saw people signing up and getting their t-shirts and just thought 'you lot better hope jimlad dont show up'. i shook my head and felt so knowing.

the sky was hyping again. this was wednesday at about 6.30. pure pure dark, and the sky had a really redish hue to it. i love the sky.

got some new boots at work last night. very good times, my old ones were fucked, i'd had them years. i thought they would be pure rank and different to wear but they were fine, exactly the same as the others but nice and new, and toe-caps dont pop out and make the edges of my little toe's bleed.

went for a peri peri last night with jamie, max and valena. i kept trying to speak and they kept shushing me, telling me they were busy 'downloading apps' or 'playing angry birds'.

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