Thursday, 7 October 2010


here it is, the stuff that ive liked over the last couple of weeks or so.

Jared leto is a weird one aint he? this is what he normally looks like, then he went all fucking weird. (see below).


then when looking for a picture of him i found some pictures of him being really skinny and really fat for a film role. scroll down to the bottom of the link to see a few of them.

this picture made me piss myself. then i read about it, followed the link and they are actually some really really nice pictures by an uncredited photographer HERE

ive been bumping alicia keys all week, and living off this video. its 'you dont know my name' from an AOL session. the backing vocals here are supreme. i strongly recommend getting hold of her MTV unplugged album.

also, ive been listening to loads of old kanye west. he is a fucking wasteman who needs to die a slow and painful death, but his old music is excellent. and his old production style is too much, some of my favourite hip hop. this track 'spaceship' is off his first album, the college dropout and was due for release, but then rocafella records wanted to concentrate on the new album.

anyway, they made a full video and it never aired. here it is.

had a brief convo with darryl too about a really good music video i saw, and this is it. pure double dutch madness. we spoke about best music videos ever, and darryl put this ok go video forward. they always do have really good videos.

saw this genius guy when i went london a couple of years ago.


i dont know if i have already credited him, but i fucking hate him. its not a gay thing or whatever, its for simply reasons like he calls himself 'auntie gok', when he is only just male, and the way he constantly sexually harasses females, and gets away with it because he is gay. he used to be a nice guy, who helped woman out but now its just getting out of hand.

thats all, im going to do my weekly post tomorrow if i get a chance, maybe in the AM so keep it super-glued. cheers for reading!

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