Friday, 19 November 2010


hey, uni is going mental, there is only a few weeks left until assessment and ive become really skint.

went manchester again earlier this week to see chromeo play.

jamie had sushi in the car on the way up. i had some biscuits where each biscuit was 18% of your daily sat fats. i finished the pack and felt brilliant.

we got to our hotel and there was a shoe cleaning thing. how the fuck are you living then?

mandatory check in on x factor before heading out.

chromeo were really good, they played tunes off all three albums. we got there just in time for when they started, so it was pretty cool. everyone was in a really good mood, singing along and shit. ive just read that the guy on the left is currently earning his Ph.D in french literature from columbia university. pretty good innit.

went to some club after, we asked some locals where an indie music club was, and they pointed us here. outside the door it was described as an indie club. we got in and within 10 minutes had already heard nirvana and papa roach. brilliant.

a really good chunk of the night's fun happened back at our hotel. we were playing a game where you had to do a static jump from the foot of the bed and hit your head on the headboard. we were giving the game added meaning by saying like 'your family is going to get slaughtered in the night if you dont reach the board'.

it was a right laugh as pictured.

also, we were doing forward flips. max was incredible at this, from standing still to making clear air between him and the bed.

jamie couldnt get it at first but then got a bit better.

i found this on the little room cleaners kart thing in the morning. they must have rescued it from a room. ive just looked at that picture and thought i have no idea where it was, or what it might have got covered in the night before. shouldnt have been touching it really.


i felt so fucked the next morning.

so we got a little mcdonalds drive through style!

about an hour later, we all went to some country pub and had some proper food. we sat there for fucking ages just chilling and chatting, we were all pure tired. me and max both had mashandick, jamie had a chicken roast and george had a beef roast.

i drew louie walsh in the salt on the table. jamie told me off, and reminded me that we were not in the soar point.

'SLOB FOX'. i would love to know the thinking behind this number plate.

here are some drawings max did on his birthday, monday. notice the top one is by max aged 25, and the second one is by max aged 26.

i fucking hate this emma watson bitch. i dont get why bare lads are obsessed with her. her face is ok, but thats about it really isnt it? and now she has a dykes hair cut it cheapens that. personally, if i wanted to fuck a 12 year old boy, i would just fuck a 12 year old boy. fuck her, overrated twat.

a new barber shop has opened up on wilberforce road. as you can see, it looks amazing.

valena made a lovely little shepherds pie for dinner the other night. in bulgaria they have toast with everthing, and whenever she cooks, she offers me some. i always say yes, and i wouldnt be more right in doing so. its a relatively british custom to have bread and butter with dinner, next time try toast. they are getting it right.

these shit biscuits were "half price" at £6.00. that means the RRP before reduction must have been £12.00. (thats maths by the way). i cant help but feel that someone is lying about the original price. this is in the tesco around the corner from work. there is a young man who works there who i cant fucking stand.
he is about 22-25, in a slightly about the bottom role, but he has fully let it go to his head, in the gareth keenan style. he has the shittest, most irrelevant moustache. he is so drippy, always talking in a really annoying voice and never offers me a bag, regardless of how much i have bought. i always want one. i never want to ask. i have one every week, you would think he would have cottoned on by now.

the sun is the best. naked, but wearing a skimpy dress.

looooooool at this on the wall of the SU. me and valena were there for a burlesque show fund raiser for our end of year degree show. it was a strange thing, like attending a strip club with your girlfriend, but you know most of the dancers.
besides that, its a fucking joke, even though every single student on the course has paid the uni at least £9,000 over the three years, they cannot cough up a few hundred pounds to give us a degree show.
so through this, they are making us go out and earn it through fund raisers. its fucking bollocks, im not at all interested in a degree show, or fucking a fucking graduation for that matter, the uni is a joke, the whole set up is laughable. cant wait to finish my degree and never have to bother with it.

on a lighter note i went for dinner at my sisters last night. she got carried away again. home made chicken kievs stuffed with homemade salsa and cheese, roasted Mediterranean vegetables and baby new potatoes. dinner was wonderful. i forgot to get a picture of the meal, so this zoomed in photo i took of never mind the buzzcocks will have to do.
i got some pictures of kyle to put up, and we are going to do another podcast soon. i hope you have enjoyed reading.

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Michelle said...

WEASEL- SLOB FOX- SKIMPY DRESS- ARYANS in OREGON..your codes are so outdated and obvious and more than a thousand people are PUNKING you - left and right.
And it's not just WHAMBANGO- MOBANGO...