Saturday, 14 April 2012


honestly, its been such a quiet week. not a great amount to report.

who has been watching take me out? you know the short, dark haired little vixen Cony? she was so so horrible to the guy she dated, so cold and dickheadish to him. myself and the other guys spent a little time just after her date was aired doing our best to destroy her on twitter.

I did a set in the RNB room at republic on saturday with Jet C, it was well good fun. he played some wicked tunes as ever, including like an hour of pure old school garage. the dream to host.

me jamming with my dog.

went out with bradders on sunday, obviously its a bank holiday ting. this girl was walking around the club barefoot. its not about that.

on to sophbeck after the club and we seen kav and frank, we had a little dance and decided it was time to dip. i got soaked walking home. pathetic little life.

i chilled with darryl the next day. we went and got barbecue base. honestly, it has got so carried and good in there. the guy is so on point, like serving food on a plate with a proper knife and fork. its such an attractive idea. the burgers were shower too, nice big bits of grilled chicken, with loads of delicious sauce and salad.

dunkno the summer

it was a really good day, i never really ever get to spend a massive amount of time with darryl because we are both always busy and when we do see each other we always just make music. it was my favourite day this week. he was shopping me some shit clothes he owns as ever.

we shot and edited a video for the 3rd single from my last mixtape available to listen to here. the video is going to be out in the next couple of weeks.

i feel to start a new feature called something like 'dickhead of the week on twitter'. its seems each week i see something on twitter that really riles me. @AokoWorldPeace takes the prize this week.

this really annoyed me. as if to insinuate that women of other races cannot have kids and then get back to business. that is a trait only possessed by black women. i think when this hashtag started trending, it was meant to be a bit of fun, and thats acceptable. as the guy that retweeted this said when he first put it on my radar, the hashtag was created to celebrate black women, not as a vent to take pops out other races.

it really irritates me the way that this happens. Nas is a fucking dickhead for it, glorifying the black race. recently, on 'triple beam dreams' a song he features on on rick ross' latest mixtape he describes black children as survivors. how does that work? because once your people were awfully oppressed so now its still a factor? I don't run around crying about how i fought in a world war because i, personally fucking didn't, much in the same way that black youth of today were never enslaved.

its very similar to the way that it is socially acceptable to say something like 'I'm a smart, strong, motivated, hard working black man', where as the same phrase, but with the word 'white' instead of 'black' becomes racist and bigoted, as apposed to a note of the hard times people i never even fucking knew (BUT DONT FORGET THEY HAD THE SAME SKIN COLOUR AS ME) have risen from. fuck off.

it strikes me (after a few words back and forth with this women i got the impression) she was one of those kind of black people who is very proud of her race, and rightly so, but pays more attention to race than your average white person and is also very quick to play the race card. she ended our argument by saying 'elevate your vocabulary and maybe someday you'll be able to interact with people of other races'. what a dumb fucking loser.

i understand that what i went into is not necessarily what this individual said, but we all know those kind of people, and they really, really wind me up.

thanks for reading and sorry for the rant. she really pissed me off. what a simple minded human. as I'm sure you all know, a lot of my very, very close friends are of different colours and backgrounds to me, and this never seems to be a problem. its because they do not see colour, they see lifestyle, and see that they live a similar life to me, regardless of wether they grew up in a black british house, a house with strict hindu beliefs, loose sikh beliefs, a household with mixed beliefs, races and religions or a nigerian household. we all lived in britian since the early 80's, give it a fucking rest.


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