Saturday, 7 April 2012


wheeeeeeeey, i just found out blogger have changed the photo uploader. for the last 5 years i have uploaded every single picture in sets of 5, in reverse order. now i can just select all the pictures and the job is done. fantastic.

i started the week with a lovely barbecue at pete's house. he was saying that he wanted his barbecue to 'make the blog' and with his homemade burgers he fucking smashed his way through.

he made these burgers from scratch from pork and beef mince, with full fat cream to bind them together. they had loads of herbs and spices in, and little chopped up red onion and pickled gherkins inside them. as if that wasn't close enough to god cumming in your mouth, pete hollowed out a little bit and put a little thick square of cheese inside them. fuuuuuuucking hell, how to live.

on friday i went out with the work lot to celebrate our end of term. it was a pure good night, i had such a laugh. big up all the rockstar promotions wicked-landers.

so the students came and took tempa T and next hype. thats ok, we will let them have that. so now they are fully onto the whole 'dench' lethal B thing. ah well, life has never been fun has it?

what sort of pretentious cunt has a load of flowers in their bike basket? what a load of shit, this really pissed me off. probably some dumb fucking florence and the machine dickhead. ooooooh riding your little bike with a basket are you? you are so odd and quaint. fucking morons. 

innocent little bit of graffiti on a coca cola ad. not too bad is it? little smiley face.

oh wait, they wrote 'baby p' next to it. nice one lads, cheers.

so the crooked crow (a.k.a that shit little crap goth bar on braunstone gate) has died a more than welcome death. however, now it is reems fun bar. with a weird crap phoenix nights style banner on the front i cant wait to see what happens with this.

sarah, natalie and mills came on april fools day to do us in at my flat. me and brad were so scared. they turned up like this at about 12:30am. is that fun? is that a good statement then?

another barbecue on sunday!!!! we went to nats. curto was having a delicious Argentinian steak sandwich with mayo and cheese. he does food properly. 

i was gassing the burgers so badly with add-ons and little extras. they all had everything on. we had these delicious spicy mexican quarter pounder burgers.

this one had the burger, bacon, red onions, lettuce, relish, mayo, gherkins, a dairylea cheese slice and cucumber on it. fuck off with your little food, this is it. this is it properly.

jamie burnt himself whilst at the helm.

big up the barbecue crew.

deep in solitude and raging hatred.

london with brad last monday evening. we found this egg in a shopping centre. bradley is in this photo to illustrate the scale of this egg.

this really, really pissed me off. so you can win that massive, colourful, spray painted egg? i wouldnt want it cluttering up my house. i dont think anyone would. i would go as far as to say that that day, even at its busiest point in the shopping centre not one person would have walked by the bulbous eye sore and thought 'ah, that would look fantastic in the lounge.' fuuuuuck offff. 

my man is wearing a Y.O.L.O hoodie. thick idiot fucking sheep human. what a twat.

bradley managed to land a new job. LOL JK, it was some booth at the O2 in london where you go in, read off a vidiprinter and then a video uploaded online. pretty good fun though, thats how i found out about the sports headlines that day.

we were there to see rick ross live. it was such a brilliant show, the crowd were so rowdy and into it. like mosh pits and shit. It was a predominately black crowd, so i werent sure whether they were gonna go mad, or just stand around enjoying the show, but they all fully got into it. a few dickhead girls complaining about standing at the front and get knocked about and people singing along too loud soon got out of the way, and all the mandem went mad for it together.

after a while i took into consideration that most of these london black lads would most probably be grime kids, so im sure they all knew how the go mad anyway. it was so loud for sing alongs, fully gassed, it was one of the best live shows ive ever been to. when he did hustlin' and BMF it was so great, i think those moments will live with me forever.

here is a video of his hustlin' performance on the night, me and bradley were about three rows in at the front.

a new peri peri chicken place called roosters is opening in town on millstone lane opposite maryland. its almost there, the interior is nearly there, its very close to opening. the menu board is fucking huge too, so so much selection. ive got a good feeling about this.

this is delicious, isnt it? i had it with a tesco meal deal and really really enjoyed it. it reminded me of when i was little and sick and off school and i used to go to work with my dad. he used to let me have some of his lucozade.

ive started recording my new cd. its gonna have about 7-10 tracks on, a little release of chilled out tunes, mainly hip hop for the start of the summer. ive made about 3 and a half songs for it so far and im really happy with it!

jetski campbell got the big boy barbecue base. he had rice instead of chips, salad, naan and half chicken. looked derishis.

this blew my brains. so this is a rug in the window of some shop on narborough road. its probably about 3.5 foot by 4 foot, and ive always looked at it and thought for something so so shit it would be about £60. no, no its not. in the sale it has been brought down from £695 to £485. you can buy a fucking car for that money, that blew my fucking brains out of my ears. i couldn't believe it. how the fuck can they seriously think  that this is worth that kind of money? its mental. 


is this good then? poor, poor bastard. just sat there with his head down not moving. something went wrong with him in his life, didnt it?

well thats it. sorry it has been a little late, what can i say. fuck everyone. thanks for reading as ever, i'll post up some shower man shit soon. enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend!

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