Tuesday, 3 April 2012


We went for food last sunday when i was in london. We walked down Bow Road. Max and Bradley started asking me if i had seen the weird little house/shack thing before. I had not. they were buzzing out saying its the stuff wicked-land dreams are made of. they shown me and my mind was blown.

We actually went in and had a little look around, here are photographs of the sort of stuff inside. Its such a weird little shithole.

Their was an old fella sat outside it, and max asked him a few questions. He said his name was 'Sir James' and his 'governors' name was 'Shaheed' (Max has seen Shaheed, and he is a white middle aged bloke.)

He didn't seem to know a lot about the place, and kept saying that we would have to come back and have to speak to Shaheed. He told us they recently made the roof out of wooden pallets. Max told me the other night he walked by and it was lit up, with Sir James and the Governor Shaheed sat outside. In this instance the Governor Shaheed was wearing a full on genie costume.

This is 'Sir James'.

What an odd, odd place.

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