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here is your bumper edition for the christmas period! I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. In we go.

This is what i like to call the 'double recommendation' incase you missed this on the last post, here it is again, make sure you cop it. it quite literally is the best.

we went to Beastwang, a bass music night at Dielectric on the 21st. It was very fun. I did a set with Jake Twell, the humans in the photo below this writing attended.

Caught up with the doggy Danny Cooper who was wearing one of those t-shirts i designed for Juniors! I've still not got one, and i don't think I will get one now :(

I made christmas dinner for the mandem last saturday. It was really nice. we ordered plain whole chickens from peri peri to have with our trimmings. it was fucking lovely

what a lovely spread, right?

we got really pissed and went out. Jamie put his fingers in my mouth and wore a christmas jumper.

Bo selecta will never die will it? its a sense of comedy that will always be so so strong among our generation. rightly so as will, it is the best isn't it?

Little tip. If you are ginger, dont draw attention to your hair by doing something as ridiculous as this with it. Im a short guy, and I don't walk around with a 2 metre long ruler.


this is good isnt it? groups of friends from all different groups, places and times in my life all together enjoying their lives at once in the sophbeck dungeon. I think Ghst Wrld is the new queen of sophbeck now too. Podolski just scored again Newcastle for Arsenal to make it 3-2.

I dont know how i feel about this. its nice to have a bit of wrestling nostalgia, but he looks fucking ridiculous. I think its more of a '10 for effort' sort of thing.

Imagine if sophbeck had a little maryland installed downstairs.

photos like this are pure genius aren't they? imagine the shoot where my man on the left is just like 'yeah, let me just grab that phone, take another picture'. looool what a load of dogshit. Demba Ba just equalised for Newcastle making it 3-3.

look at all these white plimsoles jamie had in one cupboard at his house. mental isnt it? aside from 2 pairs, they were all identical pairs of vans. This looks like the thing at auswitch, the cabinet with all the shoes in. 

Walcott just made it 4-3, this game is mental. read this guys sign. people begging on the streets are just getting more and more carried these days aren't they? all white everything. some showerfaced rag head guuuuy.

quickly linked a couple goons to go and cop some shit from town. we tried on these badboy hats in JD. Jamie and SPT's faces in this photo crack me up, just completely emotionless vessels with not a shred of sense between them hahaha

Remember these genius little trolls from McDonalds Fosse Park about a year ago? In the house just stuffing their faces with salty McDonalds goodness?

I saw them again in the clock tower Mcdonalds both wearing those wolf fleeces, some ridiculous hats, pyjama bottoms and slippers. what does it matter? look at this pair. back in their rightful place. They know what they are there for. we know what they are there for. I cant wait to see them next year and see what they lay on for me.

ok so this is a ting right now, listen carefully. I saw this hippy, clock tower drip all alone holding up a sign that said 'free hugs'. naturally asked for a photograph and she said only if she can give me a hug. I obliged, took the picture, then received said hug.

I felt reborn. I was so skeptical going in, but for the first time in ages, I felt like I was being hugged, rather than hugging someone, it was mental. I seriously cant explain the sensation I felt, I felt so good after it happened. I felt like when someone gets baptised and they say they dont know how they were living normally before.

 spoke to bradley later that day and he had exactly the same experience and thought exactly the same thing. it was bizarre.

The Chinese were out doing photos and begging.

We found a new sweet shop, near sosho and sainsburys. It was really good, the guy in the shop let us try loads of things, we spoke for a little while about what his favourites were, his wifes favourites and this and that. It was very fun, and if i'm that side of town i'll go back.

some people will be 6'5'' black guys in festive onesies, body warmers, durags and beats by dre headphones. yes, they will always be better than you.

Christmas eve saw a very strong team out and about. I really love going out for a drink on christmas eve, its good innit? In the 84th minute Giroud has made it 5-3, I think that is game, set and match.

Ezzo World turned up and got in a couple of jugs of this delicious cocktail. christmas eve was a lovely, lovely night out with some real cool dudes. everyone had a glass of this delicious green slime and then went home to get tucked in for santa to give us some stuff in the name of a man who never existed.

Its getting mental. Giroud scored again, and like a right wally he put the ball up his top so he looked like a preggo woman. thats 6-3!

walking home got out of hand. between downing that green cocktail and helping people finish jugs of long island I think everyone got more pissed in the last 10 minutes of being in firebug than the whole night. jamie was the king, and was back in leicester for the night so me and darryl had to give him our clothes to wear because he was cold. he is the king. he took my belt to wrap around his hand because his hand was cold.


Ive never seen anyone spark up a fag in the garage on narborough road. judging by franks face, neither had he.

My mum won christmas dinner. I genuinely think this is the best christmas dinner I have ever had. we had duck stuffed with apricot stuffing, turkey covered in streaky bacon and honey and plain turkey. it was mental. look at all the delicious things. wonderful work mumma grubb!

Sainsburys at the quay is just closed forever you know. thats carried isnt it?

Fifty shades has a board game now. can you imagine who would play this? can you imagine playing it with another couple? weird isnt it?

I was really impressed with this. a flyer for a dub reggae night and the flyer was perforated in little strips, perfect for making roach out of. what a fantastic design. full time and its 7-3. what a madness.

another amazing book in the window of the tin book shop on narborough road. this must be more mindnumbingly boring than anything in the world. I might buy it and see what it's up to.

Im preeeeetty sure im in Vanilla Sky. some woman shows Cruise a presentation about being froze cryogenically and I think I pop up to say hello. second little bloke from the right. That's me isnt it?

That's all! thats a good and proper festive bumper edition of wicked-land. Ive got the annual review of WL coming up and also a new podcast. keep all of your sense open, don't become a vegetarian and don't watch Vanilla Sky. Its more like a queer Hugh Grant film crossed with the shit love storyline from inception than the matrix. fuck it off. thanks for reading girls and goons!

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