Friday, 14 December 2012


HOOOOOYUUUUR!!!!! its the weekend again, and as ever we get it popping with a fresh serving of dickhead land!

I met Kama to watch the Liverpool vs West Ham game at varsity. on the stool next to where we were sat someone had left a brand new hard back copy of George Best's book. Kama asked if it was mine before saying he was keeping it for his dad's christmas present. wavy wavy wavy

later that day Nat made some gully faced bangers and mash. It was so so perfect. its been a while since she made me a nice dinner, I really enjoyed it.

this made me laugh. Tom Daley is one of those kind of guilty pleasures for girls innit? check out his calendar with him posing off all boy bandish soaking wet and that hahahaha the picture is so mentally photoshopped as well, its odd.

If you do wanna get yours it was at that calendar stall downstairs in the highcross.

I like these chilling guys so much. just relax. stop moving so quick. this guy was just sat in the shopping centre on a chair arms folded with his eyes shut. why has he gone all that way to do something that his home is tailor made for? so weird and cool.


some international fan-ship from Dear Shay, who lives in twitter and North Carolina. I wish i drunk tea so i could get a mug printed up with this on it.

one of those panpipe guys was in town in his traditional get up, with the addition of a santa hat. I told this picture and he literally stopped playing to give me a bollocking. He didn't ask me to delete the photo, he told me that if you take a photo of anyone without their permission anywhere in the world its a £10,000 fine. He was just rambling on and didn't give me a chance to point out the multiple things that were wrong with his argument and point. he was also saying that if the photo gets taken it could end up on a website somewhere. -___-

This girl had the best box top I've ever seen, it was so perfectly crafted.

I couldn't resist getting another photo of him. deluded fat loser.

Darryl DJ'd at 'Ghost' last night and a few of us rolled. Frank couldn't believe his luck when his favourite DJ started playing all the best songs made by computers ever.

We had a good night. I walked home very pissed and threw a full can of tango against this shutter. It got lodged in a gap at the top of the shutter perfectly straight and obviously didn't come back down. I was so so happy with this. Me and Frank both saw it happen and flipped out, it was a great moment.

This was in the window of that second hand book shop on Narborough road. i thought these caricatures we're so so good and really look like all the people who they are meant to look like. sorry about the shit photo. don't you agree though? how sick 

and we will end things with a nice new throw up that popped up down on Narborough road earlier this week. Thanks a lot for reading, have a great weekend!

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