Friday, 7 December 2012


Imagine you're drowning. flopping about in a big ocean of mediocrity. It's consuming you, and its too powerful for you to break free from. weighty mediocre water is filling your lungs. you're panicking. All of a sudden a huge hand comes and scoops you out of said pool. As the hand rises away from the ocean and after a moment of spluttering you are sitting like a calm puppy in its huge, fleshy palm. Enjoy the warmth, it is your new home.

The ocean represents your life. The hand represents Wicked-Land.

OK! So have Frijj milkshakes just got a lot smaller? Ironically its kind of hard to tell by the one in my hand, but the chocolate one in the background would suggest so right? still 99p so I'm guessing this is the new version? Not very cool is it?

outside some house on Hopefield Road there were a load of naked barbie dolls on the wall. Is that a statement then? are the people who live in this house and presumably put the dolls there hoping to put a point across? If so it has been lost on me. I don't understand this kind of annoying beg behaviour.

Last friday night Kyle Miller had a night in Sophbeck. me and Darryl went along and did a Grime / Dubstep / Trap set. It was such good fun, Cooper and Kyle also played and shut down the party, it was such a laugh, the crowd were into it. everyone was talking about it all weekend.

It pisses me off really because it is a glimpse of what Sophbeck could be. Remember when they used to have the Kontakt dub step nights there when dub step was really becoming popular? everyone who went was so passionate about the music and had a real connection. Most of the time they just pump out some meaningless theme tunes to people being off their faces. I hope Kyle does it again because it was a very special night.

I don't know why either of these humans are pulling these faces.

John's brief stop off in the UK came to an end the Thursday after this Saturday so the night acted as a leaving party with a surprisingly good turn out from the gentlemen, it was a strong team. John was up to his old tricks smoking inside the venue loooooool bun your rules MAN IS OUT HERE

Ben wasn't happy with my slagging off of crossword puzzles last week and let it be known. By all means text in to the Wicked-Land hotline number if you have any issues and I will post them up. Thanks to Ben I gave crossword puzzles a little more thought and concluded they are still shit. sorry bro.

Some new burger from Burger King was on the TV the other day. I was a perfect 50/50 split between happiness and sorrow because it looked delicious but given the fact the closest Burger King is at Meridian i'll probably never taste this. It looked better on the TV, the red and white cheese on top of each other here make me feel a bit weird.

Bradley had a quick implant and joined the beard gang. what do you think? Im not too sure to be honest, Definitely not in this colour. leave the oversized facial hair to Callum. Warm though, if nothing else.

Aaron Clayton drew this of me! nice innit? It was out of the blue a real nice surprise, so i thought I would post it here so I have it archived forever.

I took this picture of this bloke in a guns and roses sweatshirt and the more I've looked at it as the week has gone on the less I've known what to say about it. the more normal its looked. I think it was more to do with the way he was walking, just with his hands resting on his waist, thumbs in pockets. 

For reasons unbeknown to myself I ended up on Mosh on tuesday. There were a fair few of us out, a nice strong team on 7. Look at Franks amazing little face in this picture. looool 'The spanish twitter gremlin, Internet wind up merchant.'

They have these plastic glasses with a shot glass in the middle, for Jagerbombs. pretty nifty right? you should have seen the drinks they were pouring out. we all know Mosh is a joke, but they were serving Jagerbombs with more Jager than ...bomb. the Red Bull wasn't reaching the top of the shot part of this glass. whats the fucking point.

Some of the regulars were just begging attention sitting on the floor in a circle for no reason with their hands up. Brad joined in. one thing I've learnt of late is to just confront ridiculous beg behaviour by imitating. this was you show them just how ridiculous their behaviour looks.

Just when we thought we had won the war on these guys and Brad started to walk off they told him he won the game. They flipped it on us and done it. fucked us up.

Its a fucking weird place isn't it? I only ever go there once in a blue moon and I'm always astounded with what i see. Simultaneously whilst this guy in a bright red shirt w/ novelty braces and tie was crying his eyes out this pissed up girl was telling me I poured a drink over her head. I was sober and did no such thing. fucking mesmerising cave of shite wonders.

This couple were hard at it on the sofas by the downstairs dance floor for a good 20 minutes. TAKE THE TING HOME BRO

casper the friendly grubb right? I was jamming in town and spotted this in Topshop. Frank always says 'Chill' I thought it was pretty shower faced.

Thats all for this weeks wicked-land. Interesting things are a bit thin on the ground, its so fucking cold and i feel like any part of my body could drop off at any point. Im spending an awful lot of free time in my house at the minute, and I can't imagine that would make for a thrilling blog experience. Either way, thanks for reading!