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I'm just helping out by reposting this. I've never seen a stolen guitar sign before, I thought it was quite remarkable, so here I am remarking on it.

These two young lads had hats that said 'I (heart) haters!' Loooool it pissed me off because my initial thought was who the fuck hates these pair of teenage twats? But then like a forcefield my very thought was stumped by their hats, addressed to idiots like me. They've done me. They won. It's kind of ironic that my problem with them lies in that are wearing those hats.

YES! A rare voyage to the Haymarket shown me that it does better for old indian loiterers than the Highcross does. What a formation. This is my new FB cover photo.

I went with Aaron to Goonism's exhibition at Leicester HQ. It was really good. I'm pretty sure it's still running now so get yourself down there!

I got this wicked little bit of cardboard with my new printer. It was in the box to hold the cables, but once opened one side of it looked like a ghost with little arms up in the air to scare you, and the other side looked like a cool ucha lucha wrestling mask with horns.

I didn't really get this. Like Race For Life is a huge company, who no doubt pay somebody a lot of money to help out with branding and whatever else. As, I'm sure are Cancer Research UK. Surely something gets lost in translation when they say 'Hey Cancer, Leicester is coming to get you.'

I bet Cancer is like '...The people of Leicester are going to get cancer? By your own free will. Okaaaay then...'

I had a bunch of problems with my old printer, (which lead me to buying the new one mentioned above) so I decided to destroy it. Even though I have literally never ever used the printer (I only ever use the scanner) it was moaning saying about a paper jam. There had never been paper in this printer. I wanted to bypass the error message and just use the scanner, but the printer won't let you.

After reading pages and pages about Epson printers and people having a similar problem to me it because clear there was no way around it. Basically, with Epson all in ones, if something goes wrong with the printer (or even if you don't have ink in your printer) the perfectly good scanner is rendered completely useless. Can you believe that? Myself, Max, Brad and Frank smashed the absolute shit out of it and it felt so so good.

Natalie made a proper nice dinner on Sunday. She did curried goat, Rice and peas and Jerk chicken. Jamaican food never photographs well but I guarantee you it was absolutely delicious despite what it looks like!

Myself, Natalie, Ros, Max, Brad and Frank all enjoyed the dinner. This is us putting our spoons together like power rangers or some shit. We had spoons because she made this real nice dessert too but I forgot to get a picture!

I loved this font for some poster in Polish, in the Polish shop window. I wonder how much nightlife in Leicester goes on that is marketed to Polish people that we just don't know about.

The Highcross general was about, just mobbing in town. Again, unsure if I'm supposed to have the upmost respect for this decorated officer of war, or if he is just a mental in fancy dress.

This sneaky little photographer was getting a #Naughty #Cheeky #Sneaky #Naughty little photograph of these blokes on the sly. They were here because they're installing a big new TV thing in the Highcross. It was bright and flickering (obviously not the finished article) and these guys had a laptop and were changing settings. I turned to the guy in the yellow as we walked past and said 'It's a bit bright mate, and it's hurting my eyes' and he looked at me with a face of thunder, he didn't find it funny at all hahaha.

This head is pretty cool isn't it? In the window of some sunglasses shop. Bleeeeeeeergghhhhhh

Two work vans parked side by side literally blocking the whole of this pedestrianised street. good work, van drivers. genius as ever.

Well that wraps up another post. I hope you lot enjoyed it, if not tweet me or comment on FB and I'll delete my blog. Thanks for popping over!

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