Friday, 5 April 2013


Hey woskenon Wickedlanders? It's been a fun filled week of frolics and haberdashery, let's get into it!

Last friday we gathered a few people together to go to Riverside, our old school and go into the grounds for a little drink. They closed it a couple of years ago and it's started being knocked down now, so we went into the playground and poured a few out in remembrance and had a good chin wags about some old memories. We were in luck as we actually managed to get into the school itself and into the hall and the gym and that. It was mental, pure brought back memories and it was such a shame to see a school I loved so much reduced to rubble. We had a great night until eventually a load of police found out about us and chucked us off haha!

We had these posters everywhere around our school, the expectations. Our school wasn't the best school, but luckily they gave us 6 guidelines to help us get through.

1. Always wear your uniform
2. Bring a pen, pencil, bag and planner every day
3. follow instructions
4. Never stop others from learning
5. Always arrive on time to school and to lessons
6. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

The reflected light you can see in the left of the photo was the police man bursting into the photo to snatch the poster from us. we didn't get it back.

 Max and Sauce. Pre order your 'Catman' DVD now by logging on to

The most fun thing to do in Leicester is to go into H&M and try on different hats and stuff.

We are a band that infuse cockney rhyming slang and jazz. Find us on myspace.

The way these roots were twisted around these bars, I thought that was so sick. I'd love to see one of those sped up clips of them doing this.

I went to the gym at 4am the other morning. There was nobody in there, just me in the whole gym. I was screaming my head off, pure over the top inaugural grunts and shouts making myself laugh. The lights were dimmed and it was so tranquil and peaceful.

The following night was Show Me Love at Sophbeck.

Here are some people pulling some faces

It was very busy indeed.

This guy was my favourite person who was there.

Super Ebway boys were there enjoying their lives.

Yung Sweeze had his best 90's outfit on.

I left Darryls at like 7:30 the next morning and started to walk back home pissed out of my head. I remember stood still staring at Fenwicks for ages just soaking in the amazing building, making little illuminati jokes thinking all I wanted to do was tell people about how incredible this building was. When I had sobered up I woke up and looked at this photo in my phone and burst out laughing at myself.

 Tramp wasteman prick pigeon eating somebodies sick. fucking gross loser.

Sophbeck fucked up my shoes badly. They're suede. However, I put them through the wash and they've really came up nicely.

I put out a hungover plea on twitter the next day to get somebody to take me to Mcdonalds. Ghst Wrld popped up and obliged, taking me, Frank and Brad for food. It was a really nice way to spend a hungover afternoon.

quick crep check, my your had the big space boots in grey with the leather straps like prada trainers. liiiiive

We went in, it was so satisfying. I discovered the sour cream and chive dip, it's 20p, but worth every penny if you like dipping your chips into white stuff.

Triple H pulled up alongside us at the lights.

I saw this woman later that day in the Highcross, YOLOing her own style. sunglasses indoors always makes for entertainment, when coupled with studded knee high leather boots and a sequinned dress then thats me done.

Emmanuel Eboue was giving his todger a quick rub during a champions league game against Real Madrid earlier this week. He was doing some of his usual amazing things during the game, I bet he does tremendous things week in week out that we don't even know about.

Anybody who is unfamiliar with Eboue's character, give this a quick watch just to give yourself an idea of how genius the bloke is. He is always doing amazingly stupid/ unexplainable things like this.

Snapchat is good fun isn't it? Illuminati Max doing the pots.

Rose celebrates the shittest chalkboard in all of Leicester. I wonder if they are happy with this or if they just think 'ah well, it does the job.'

Thanks for reading guys and dolls, hope you all have a brilliant weekend!

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