Saturday, 12 October 2013


YOOOOO ITS THE WEEKEND! How cold has it got all of a sudden? It's mental. I spoke to my boss about it and we were saying do you get a super cold winter as a punishment for enjoying a particularly hot summer?

I went to see Westwood on Saturday at the O2. He was sick, he plays so much music. His set was hours long and he keeps such a strong quick pace.

He was bothering us for a photo after his set. Awkward.

I had a baaaad hangover the next day. Obviously I had to have a the special pasta and blast GTA. This pasta was well nice, I cooked it for Will and Darryl but there was loads left over. I got this Lloyd Grossman tomato and basil sauce for it and it was brilliant.

It was the freshers bar crawl last monday, me and Bradley repped it with Sam and Grace. We asked this guy in Fatcats to get a photo for us and he really couldn't work my phone.

It's as simple as just clicking the button. Somehow this guy was taking loads of pictures, and managed to turn the flash off. God knows what he was doing. How can people be alive in this age and not know how to use a phone camera? let alone a camera as simple as the iPhones? It's so so odd. He was clueless, holding it saying 'I don't know what it is doing'

Bradley was enjoying it as ever. We got a bit too excited with the free drinks and I've been feeling the results all week long.

This guy was posted up outside Republic. The struggle is so real you know. His job is to literally stand outside Republic at closing time and hold these signs up, poor bastard. I had a really good night in Republic, I've not been in ages and it was pure fun.

DJ Dazzle. I Think crap hats are a timelessly funny thing. I can't contain how much I love this shit, looking like a div kid getting to meet a celebrity whilst wearing a crap hat kills me every time.

...If I was going to pretend to be any shop it probably wouldn't be a Londis.

There is this little paint chip on the skirting board at the top of the stairs at work and it puuuure looks like a dogs head. I look it every single time I walk those stairs.

My new football socks are so see through. They're just like thick white nylon tights. The quality of this produce is so cheap and shit haha.

The Tesco finest salad box things all come complete with a metal fork. That's so ballerific isn't it? Just eat your salad then throw the metal fork in the bin, fuck it. What does it matter.

This student (I knew because she was wearing a wristband I designed) was waltzing around tesco in her onesie. She kept trying to make eye contact and smirking, like as if she was being so mental and she couldn't believe what she was doing. She was thinking I was looking at her thinking she was mental as well. I wasn't.

The new dominoes box designs are fucking sick. I love this kind of stuff, I'm sure this is by the same artist I posted something of a little while ago. Two colour prints can be so effective.

Dem kind of styles there

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