Monday, 21 October 2013


Whats good whats good whats good whats good people. Its time for some more Wickedland, so get yourself a hot Ribena and prepare yourself for this shit. LEGGO!

I went to see Jay Z live at the O2 in London with Tom last Saturday. It was amazing, truly a master at work. He plays so many amazing songs and he is so, so good live. He is pure one of like 5 acts I want to see live before I die and it was every bit as good as I thought it would be. We were right down the front, like 5/6 rows back for the whole thing.

He started his show with 'U Dont Know' from the blueprint, definitely in my top 5 favourite Jigga songs. It's so hype and mental me and Tom were losing our minds. That's my shit right there. I found a clip on Youtube of the start when that song drops. The whole standing section roared so loud. I get goosebumps even thinking about that moment haha.

Some people were wearing some amazing shit. Obviously a lot of people were wearing their Jay Z t-shirts. Am I the only one who feels weird about that? I wouldn't wear a bands T-Shirt if I was going to see them, that's just me. Am I getting it wrong?

Look at these DEAD shoes someone was wearing on the tube. They were so, so tight, with double knotted laces. Me and Tom found them really funny, i dont really think this picture does them justice. The laces were so tight the souls were bent and the tongue was rolled over with the label sticking out haha.

It's called fashion in London you wouldn't even get it. Sequinned sleeves with poppy detail on the side of a fur jacket. If you don't get it you're a peasant.  

I went to see Zane Lowe at the O2 last Sunday evening. He was closing our Freshers Festival at work. We've had him booked a couple of times before and the guys in the office all assured me that he was great. I'd been away for the couple of times when we had had him before.

He was astonishing. I've never seen anyone control a crowd like this. He had them in the palm of his hand, and the way he interacted with them was amazing. Me and Brad just stood up on the balcony, front and centre and watched the whole thing, it really was a spectacle. The way he would conduct sing alongs or have them all pogo'ing was incredible. If ever you get the chance to see him do a DJ set, don't miss it. It felt like a concert.

I saw this car parked at Saint Mags when I went to play football the other night. Skenglord shit. Don't overlook the all black union flag on the roof of the whip too, ICE MODE

I was craving a McDonalds like crazy the other night and finally got up to get one. Its only like 3 minutes away from my new place, so chilling. No more long missions when the craving sets in. My winter is literally going to be Mcdonalds and GTA.

Look at this splasher. Just copping BAGS. She was posting in town for a good few hours, it really made me laugh. Bought out half the Primark on a baller thang thang. Ice cold expression on the face, so so normal.

I love living near town. i feel like I'm really starting to see the genius people once again. Anybody in oil slick sunglasses and leathers gets a pass from me. I hope I reach a point in my life where I turn my personal fashion into a parody of comedy and start to wear shit that makes me laugh. I did it for a while a few years ago with those ridiculous animal print Tshirts but when Im old and my wife has left me I want to really go for it.

Whilst I was in town it showered and the sky turned an amazing yellow colour. I've never seen anything like it, it was fully like a filter on the world. Everyone was trying to get pictures of it but it wasn't really showing up.

I worked some more on TP's forthcoming mixtape. I don't know if I mentioned on here but I'm producing a lot of it. We made a couple tunes already including the lead off single which he is making a video for soon. The tune we made yesterday is really chilling. 

That'ts your lot for today, I will have a new podcast up tomorrow. SKENG SKENG SKENG SKENG

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