Saturday, 5 October 2013


I've bent up a keyring and it's been on my desk for about 4 days now. It's literally the best thing to fiddle with. It fits so nicely around my finger and i keep bending it and slightly changing the shape. I strongly recommend.

I saw these two walking along and swore her t-shirt said 'I fuck forever.' I only realised it said 'fuck forever when I clocked her dads t-shirt stating 'every dads a hero.' Slogan T-shirts are very funny aren't they. 

Snapple is fully sick isn't it. I boxed of a quick BBQ Base with Teeps the other day. Their drink game is on a million recently, They've got a whole next fridge with mental, mental drinks in.

I touched London at the weekend. Shout to Asad.

I was there with my mum and sisters to see a show for my mums birthday. We had tickets to see beverly knight staring in The Bodyguard; a western remake of the Whitney Houston film. It was seriously so, so sick. From the music (I never realised Whitney had so many bangers) to the way they adapted the story to a stage, the sets and set design and live action, I was blown away. My mum is so into the western, and I fully get it now, it was such a good night.

Before the show we went to an Italian place near Trafalgar Square. I had this chicken wrapped in bacon with pesto mash. It was craaaaazy nice. I'm so going to make this.

I left the flat! Last week I moved out of the flat I have lived in since May 2009, to live in a new place I found, a 1 bedroom apartment in town. It's right by my office. I was pretty emotional towards the end of the move, I kept walking around thinking 'it's the last time I'll ever...' haha. I've had so many good times there with so many cool people, I was genuinely really sad to see the back of it. Whenever I speak to my mum or my dad about when they were younger they always refer back to the 'harrow road days' when they lived together in a house on harrow road and constantly had people over and had parties and whatever. I'll always remember this flat and all the laughs I had inside it.

Tom and Brad helped me move into the new place and we had Fajitas as a thank you to them both. It was a feeeeast we had so much food. It's been a busy week but I'm just about set up there.

I was working at the Leicester Uni Freshers Fair Monday and Tuesday this week. It's always fun. A lot of Leicester Uni students are so odd. There are so many of them who seem so amazingly posh, they're such fun people to watch.

The girls were working hard selling bar crawl T-shirts...

Me and Max watched this guy for about 3 minutes standing trying to take a picture of the inside of a hair salon late at night, through the window. I have no idea why he was doing what he was doing. 

I won the league with the team I play with on Wednesday nights, with my cousins and that lot! Also, on Wednesday we played in a knockout tournament, against all the teams across 2 leagues. We got to the final and got beat in a pure scrappy game with the Nags Head, a team from a pub in Glenfield. They are pure dirty, and had knocked out a lot of teams that day, so when it came to the final we had a few other teams cheering us on. It was really good fun, even though we lost.

Couple G's were back in the ends the other night. Obvioooously. We linked up and met for a couple of drinks. I was thinking whilst I was watching a table of like 10 of my mates all chatting away; although it fully sucks that people live away and whatever, it's so nice that when these people are back around you don't take them for granted.

Well that's what's been going on this week. I swear to god I hate Skyla in Breaking Bad. always such a bitch for no reason. Cheers for coming by!

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