Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Almoooooost nearly Christmas now! I think we can all agree it feels like the least christmassy Christmas ever. For me personally, I reckon it's because I never watch live TV with advert that are constantly ramming Christmas down your throat. That and how mild the weather is.

I made some more flapjacks. I'm not even gonna post a picture of the actual flapjacks, it's getting too easy now.

This woman from the next apartment has been bothering me loads. She knocked on and asked to share my internet. When I said no so asked if she 'could just have the code?'

After this she knocked on and asked about energy. I had to explain everything to her. What a direct debit was, how to set one up, who to call, where to call, everything. It was exhausting. She's from Kazakstan and had a really limited grasp on English, it made it hard.

Very very quick drink with these two the other week. just flexing on them.

I had christmas dinner with the Outlook lot a couple of weekends ago. It was so nice, there was such a bit group of us. There was a really funny moment where this woman was moaning about us asking for more gravy, like as if she had to milk it from herself or it was effort in some way. Huge sarcastic cheer when she finally came out with a second jug. Why do people do this? Like with sauce in McDonalds. Why? Just put the fucking sauce in the bag.

Wednesday last week I went round to the Kazakstan guys flat to help call Eon for them. It was truly a good dead that had gone too far. I spent an hour in a four way conversation between myself,  Saibhajan Wladimir (pictured), Sue from Eon (slightly aggressive closet racist), and a Russian translator. We didn't get far.

Man like Pete, still about. I was thinking when I was him the other day, he's held this look down for ages. Remember the days when it was a new look every couple of weeks? Yeah, he is past that phase ok?

I made some big mistakes with Olly in the week. 3000 calories in just over 10 minutes. I've never felt anything quite like it. If you haven't already then check the video out below.

I had christmas dinner with the guys. It was really nice if I say so myself. We had fucking loads of food.

Max did a beautiful rendition of No Woman No Cry on the Bradley. I bet some of you can't even play the Bradley can you.

Bees got me one of those Reese's boxsets from Americandy for Christmas! I was so happy, what a lovely gift. I'm gonna take it to my Mums on Christmas day and scoff the absolute lot.

My friend Lara got me to do a portrait of her friend Mollie for a Christmas present. Apparently Lara has started a little Wickedland faithful in Liverpool (where she is at uni) and her friend Mollie really likes my drawings. It was so nice to get this photo through. I never really do portraits for people, let alone for strangers, it was so weirdly fulfilling seeing her with it.

That's it for now! Tomorrow I'm posting up the Second Annual Wickedland Awards, make sure you look out for the post! Thanks for stopping by.

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