Friday, 12 December 2014


Yoooooooo back once again. More fun shit for your eyes and mind, let's go. How's your christmas shopping going? Mine is stressing me out. I need to just get on it and get it all done as soon as possible.

Look at this thing I seen in some student house at some house party. What is this? To make sure you get the last bit of toothpaste out? saving you like 15p a tube? Say this little thing costs £4 that means you'd have to use it 26 times to get to a point where it is worth while. 26 tubes of toothpaste.

No frills on this poster.

Wavey garms. Kind of need this jacket.

Check this out, this TV is literally bigger than him.

Shout to Pete. I'm just flying through now, quick pace.

I had our work christmas party the other night. We went to Sheffield. I've not been there in aaaaages. Ian noted the occasion by piercing his nipple with a bauble.

Much to the disgust of the girls I work with hahahaha. Look at their faces, I love this photo so much.

My boss was very impressed though. Look at the triumph haha

There was a takeaway literally next door to the club we were in, it was great. I love the north and always will.


The next day I dragged my extremely hungover self over to Oadby and went to the Swatlands curry house near where Dan lives. It was so nice! I literally never ever go out for indian food and it was great. So oily and greasy, it really helped my hangover.

These two mental houses down Saffron Lane are literally absolutely covered with christmas lights. I wonder how much their bills are and how when they get their bills what makes them think it was worth it. Imagine the effort putting it up and everything. I can't take it, I feel exhausted just looking at it.

Have you seen this? Nestle telling you how much you should eat. Such a patronising way of putting it. "Know your serving', pathetic. Is this anyway to pose a serving suggestion?

I think I blew up over night. Not sure what happened, went on FB and had 31 friend requests. I click on it and none of them existed, it was just a myth.

My ipod just deleted everything off itself again. That's the 3rd time this year. So annoying man, my itunes is such a state it's such effort putting everything back on. I'm so annoyed cos my ipod is clearly so so fucked but they're so expensive now they've been discontinued. real life first world problem.

Is this good then? Just openly saying that they're pulling your pants down if you can't get back to your car on the hour every hour. It's weird how you pay your road tax and that and they can still justify charging you for just parking your car somewhere.

At it again! Wankers! Although I do really like mint Aero at the minute. I used to take the piss out of it calling it shit all the time. i'm so into it at the minute. I might buy one in a bit.

Oz went to go in the attic at work the other day to get the christmas decorations out. When he was asking me to hold the chair he was standing on steady so he could properly open the hatch it swung down and twatted him on the head.

It was brilliant, me and Bees who I work with were howling, it absolutely battered him. Real life slapstick humour is some of the best shit you can experience with your body and mind.

I went to see Giggs at Republic with Bradley the other day. Talking The Hardest is such a banger you know. Listen to the beat. It's mental how good it is, so many quotable lines. Giggs has a funny weird personality, it was good to experience it first hand.


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