Friday, 5 December 2014


Hey you lot! Sorry I've been away, it's been fucking ages since I've uploaded some photos. Can't you tell it's winter again and I'm hibernating haha. The weather in this country is so damning, I'd love to see how people in California feel when it's time to get up and go to work. I bet they want to hug the day with both arms.

I went to Nottingham a couple of Fridays ago to go see a pretty good line up. Royal T, Faze Miyake, Novelist and Kurupt FM were all there.

By the time we got there Novelist had already performed and left, I was gutted. I obviously seen him at Outlook, but I wanna see him in a rave. This was the squad for the night, I had that weird thing with Rik (far right) where I had known of him for years but never met him. He's a top guy and is pure into his grime.

I went around the smoking area pissed out of my little head sticking stickers onto people, it was great. I need to grow up.

Imagine buying google glass, thinking you're a top baller and then selling it for probably about £400 to Cex. That's a tragic state of affairs isn't it? This has to be the most extravagant item I've ever seen in a Cex window. I'm gonna check on it every time I'm up that way, see if it sells.

Just four Indian blokes with a bottle of Grey Goose each. It was like a Wednesday night or something, just a casual one. Revs was pretty much dead and they brought them out with sparklers on and everything, it was so surreal. Four whole bottles, on ice, with loads of red bull.

Melted 4 massive bars of the oreo Dairy Milk to melt onto flapjacks. Fuck a six pack, I love gluttony more than anything.

If you want your flapjacks to look sick in the head leave them to properly set overnight and then slice up with a pizza cutter. Look at those fucking edges.

This was a vibes. Yorkie is like physically the most chocolate for your buck out of the main chocolate bars you'll find in any shop, I went through a bit Yorkie phase in my teens years. Get into them, and peanuts in chocolate is a winner so this was cool.

I went to see Liverpool away at Leicester's place the other night, they won 3-1. I bought the ticket off some random bloke with a spare, I was in the away end. It was incredible, so weird watching Liverpool and Leicester play. I really had a great time. I remember thinking at that moment like form aside, and results aside, fuck all of that; I really feel so sorry for people who are not into football and don't get to experience this feeling.

Jodie Spencer messaged me this on Facebook. Apparently on sale in Urban Outfitters. Run out, buy a load and drink from them in public. Fuck it, take them to McDonalds and ask they serve your drink in these. I don't know wether to love it, and embrace it as unofficial merch spreading the word of wickedland or to be furious that a little two bit knock off organisation like Urban Outfitters is trying to feed off of my towering brand. Either way, I'm into it. Good work Jodie.

Thaaaaaaaaat's everything! I need to make a concious effort to take more photos. I'm going into town tomorrow so no doubt I'll see some weirdos tha'll be absolutely ripe for Wickedland. Until then enjoy your life and have a great weekend. WICKED

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