Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Yooooo so SPT hit me up a couple of week ago about another project he was putting together for Noisey.com. The brief was deliberately vague, just to do a portrait of one of your favourite musical acts. You can check out the full final collection here.

I uploaded a work in progress picture and Skepta replied to it on twitter. I was pretty happy with that haha.

So anyway, a little while back I got blocked by Skepta on twitter. I tweeted saying that I didn't like the single (Badman in Tivoli) and that I wouldn't be copping the mixtape when it dropped. I was wrong, I did cop it, it's great, we all make mistakes but that's not the point. I figured if I'm doing a drawing of him as jesus I'd try and send it him and try to get unblocked.

When it first happened I tweeted JME asking why Skepta had blocked me. It wasn't a direct tweet, it was just a comment about the new body of work. If it's an issue of loyalty from fans then I don't know why I was getting blocked, I've supported him from the first time I ever heard him and have introduced dozens of people to him. Jme said there isn't much he could do and so on. When I finished the illustration I tweeted it to JME with the following tweets:

He quote RT'd them all so that they would show up on Skeptas timeline. Skepta replied and unblocked me haha. I was pretty buzzing. He didnt reply to me asking for a postal address to send him a print. I'm guessing he thinks I'm some weird Stan now.

Either way, that's what happened.

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