Friday, 21 March 2014


Yooooooooooo we back, we back, we back. We been away for a minute but we back like that. What can I say? it's been a quiet couple of weeks. I haven't had a lot of stuff to take photos of, talk about recluse season. Here is what's been happening.

Nat cooked some base on the weekend a couple of weeks ago. We had this beef and Guinness stew with dumplings and roasties and veg, it was completely show.   

Last Sunday was a pure stress and due to a car breaking down and some other bad timing I had to kiss goodbye to these cakes. Look at the size of them. I was gutted. I parted ways without tasting any of them.

They were at some pub in Leicestershire, I'll go and conquer them some day.

I cooked some nice stuff last sunday. I made these quarter pounder bagel burgers with cheese, onion rings, gherkins and sour cream on, and some homemade cheese with homemade blue cheese sauce. It was so nice, I followed the recipe for the chips and sauce from this article I clipped from a magazine months ago. It was great.

Students take the piss don't they? They think they can just rock up to a tesco express and treat it like a tesco superstore buying bags and bags worth of stuff. Mental behaviour. These two were in the self service lane (obviously) and they mounted so much stuff up without bagging as they went.

The machine broke and the manager had to come open it up and reset the scale. Look at her bored face, like she didn't create this situation. I wish she could feel what I was feeling at the time, then she would have license to pull a face, dumb yat.

Do you ever cook something so nice that you are just thinking about it until you cook it again? I did that with that burger and chips. It was still fresh enough that I corrected the little things that was wrong with it, it was perfect. That dollop of sauce looks like such an unattractive blob but it was so so delicious. Man, I want this again now. 

I saw Drake in Sheffield on Friday with Tom. It was a sick show, I really enjoyed it but he fucked around so so much. You know Jay Z started that thing of shouting out random people in the crowd over a broken down instrumental? Then you know how everyone started doing it? Drake did it the other night but fuck me it went on for so so so long.

He did that, and kept doing drawn out versions of his songs, like with Hold on, Were Going Home he spent about 6/7 minutes singing 'Hold on, we're going Sheffield.' It was really weird. He kept cutting good songs short to favour trying to do some amazing singing thing. It doesn't really work when he isn't that much of an amazing singer, it was lost on the crowd, and the audience fully disengaged.

Also, loads of the songs off his newer album didn't really work live. I dunno. I know it's slower and whatever but he spent ages doing all the dead ones and cut the lively ones short. It was a bizarre show all in all. 

Does anybody else find the smell of Auntie Annes pretzels in the Highcross really overwhelming and offensive? I think the smell of frying butter is so thick and sickening, and it seems to linger forever. I don't know how people can queue up to buy that shit.

This has to be the best beg for attention that we live around right? Like all our lives we are told to be careful of fire and whatever and these guys literally use it to catch our eye. You know the goth losers from Bede Island who do it and play with the diablos and whatever? They're the worst. So 

You know those Louis V wing mirrors there? 100% sho life. Imagine getting these haha so so gassed

Eddie had his party the other night. It was one of those twitter parties, I met a lot of people I only know in 140 characters. I met Tinroy, he left because it was getting bait and people were working out who he was haha.

It was cool, I like these parties because I get to see a lot of friends I don't see so often.

Two soundcloud dons. It was nice to talk to Aspect properly, everytime I see him he is fucked but we had a proper good chat. Turns out he is a wickedlander from long so salute that guy.

That's everything. Thanks for popping by, I'll post some stuff in a couple of days. STAY WOKE

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