Friday, 28 March 2014


And it's time for the weekend. Just like that. It's here. Hasn't this week shot by? Pretty good. I always think of this and try to work out wether I will genuinely regret wishing weeks away when I am old. If I get old. Who knows or cares, that's not why you come here is it.

Bradley and Tom had fun trying to take a photo for the podcast last week. Bradley couldn't get his arm around Tom so he was pure trying to squeeze him. It sounds like the shittest thing ever but it was actually very funny.

Why would you buy a brown car? Like yeah maybe back in the 70s but fuck me how shit does this look? Like this is a pretty new car, and the bloke said yes to getting it in brown? I don't get that. No human can think this looks the best out of all the colours a car can be.

I saw this amazing little goblin bloke the other day. He looked really like someone I would draw, he was so funny, just screwing looking through a shop window.

I fucking love these granola flapjack things they sell at tesco. They're so sporadic, I think they are baked in house and I can never rely on them being there. They are kind of enigmatic. Some days I see them, other days I don't. One day earlier this week I had my heart set on some and they didnt have any, then the next day I went back and they had 3 bags! Not only did they have 3 bags, they were on special offer at a pound each. I snatched them up and went home and eat the lot within 24 hours. They are the fucking best. I fear I'm becoming one of those people who likes to eat seeds and shit, but fuck it, these are my shit, man.

Followed! I spotted my man again in Wilkos about 3 days later! haha. This day I spent £14 on lightbulbs and as if that alone isn't depressing enough they were all the wrong size so I've got to take them back this weekend. Is this what adulthood is? Is this your idea of fun? A fun way for me to live as an adult?

This made me laugh. Why the little face in the O? It's not needly and frankly he looks a bit sarcastic haha. It really got me like the person has made the sign isn't sorry in the slightest. The little disabled sign bloke is furious, literally lost his head over it.

I was on facetime to my mum and sister the other day when I told them I was drawing a picture of them. I had them sitting pure still for about 5 minutes hahaha patiently waiting for it. Look at my mums face, this picture of her is cracking me up haha

GREAT MOVE BY TESCO! They're moved all the sick tropical fun drinks into a fridge, a real game changer. No longer are they worthlessly sat on a shelf at room temperature, they're perfectly displayed here. This is great news for my life. 

I watched the Great Gatsby the other night and genuinely couldn't believe how shit it was. I can't understand how people were raving about it, it was so over directed and theatrical, it was so so not to my taste. Like all the sickening vibrant colours and the massive swooping shots, I really, really hated it. I thought it looked like that kids cartoon Crazy Town or whatever it was called, so over the top. I don't remember Romeo and Juliet being that theatrical and over the top even though it was an adaptation of a play. Seriously, it was hideous and I can't believe it received the acclaim it did.

I met up with Zac from Booker to watch a nervy game between Liverpool and Sunderland the other night. It was really good to see him and have a good catch up. We had these insane burgers from the pub. You know those scream burgers where you can add anything in the world for 85p? We had two of those. They were massive and great.

The weirdest thing happened yesterday. All around me people had umbrellas up, the floor was all speckled and I could see like a mist or something in front of me, but it wasn't raining. It was like all the attributes of it raining but without actual rain, I've never seen anything like it. 

Well enjoy your weekend and don't forget it's mothers day on Sunday! Get your mum some flowers or something. Enjoy your life!

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