Thursday, 22 May 2014


Yooooooo wassup gang, summers over, I hope everyone got brown on the weekend. Let's get into some Wickedland.

I saw these sick guys just chilling around town. Sunglasses, beards and stars and stripes garments as a combo get a resounding yes from me. These lot are through to the next round.

Speaking of super cool behaviour this kid was just doing whatever the fuck he pleased in Nandos last week. His mum and dad were happy to let him wander off and turn Nandos into his play area. 

He was doing shit like picking up a container filled with straws, pouring the straws out onto the floor and then launching the container across the floor. Pretty good right? If you don't like it then get the fuck out of Nandos because this guy runs it now ok?

They've knocked down loooooads of DMU Flethcer lowrise, including the Poly Drop. It's so weird when stuff has a lot of history just goes, like the underpass. Students' that come to this city didn't even know there was an underpass into town before. It makes me wonder what was here before I was that I've never even thought to consider.

This made me laugh. A sign on the door of the Thai massage place that says 'close today'... literally right next to a closed sign. It was wrote in the crappest writing ever. All I'm thinking is maybe a kid did it so a parent put it up in the window. It pissed me and Max right off.

Polish Profile picture shoot on Bede Island. Fuck the haters, man.

Chilled with man like Alfie for a bit the other day. He is such a little mong but he is so fun to be around. yesterday I was chasing him around saying his name through a hoover pipe, He couldn't work it out, he didn't want none of it haha.

Astroturf is mental isn't it. Surely by now they've managed to do something to stop this happening? No? Either way this was a week ago today and all week its been a nightmare. The scab is like a party full of lint from various trousers I've worn in the week, tissue paper and congealed Savlon. 

I saw Action Bronson on Friday with Teeps in Brum. He was sick, but the set was mega short. When he called time on it I felt like it was only about half way through. It maybe lasted 25-30 minutes. He kept coming out and doing one more verse, the impression I got was that the venue needed him off by a certain time and that he just came out later than planned. They had Propaganda on after the show so I guess they wanted to clean up and clear the venue for that. It was a good show non the less, but too short for it to have been anything memorable.

Standard weekly Pete photo. I wonder how many I've posted now. Still enjoying the dreadlocks and the leather jacket.

Bruv, ask man about me innit. Just ASK. It's not hard, just ask how it is. You see the sort of shit I'm eating? Nobody wants to play games anymore. EVERYTHING IS SO SO SERIOUS. Do you know what these are like? As if donuts aren't sick enough they have to go and flames it nicely with the caramel. You know about donuts with caramel inside them? Do you know how bless my life was when I took a bite of these?

Lovely little picnic with Max, Chloe and Tazmyn on Sunday. Max has hurt his back, but we thought we would take the opportunity to make it look like he is in charge of Chloe. I ate picnic leftovers for days after this. 

That's all! Hope you're enjoying your week and that and I hope tomorrow goes fast so you can enjoy your weekend. If you are a doley and 'the weekend' isn't really a concept in your world I hope you die tomorrow! But non the less, thanks for reading.


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