Saturday, 3 May 2014


Yooooooo what up what up, WICKEDLAND SEASON. Blog game Phil Collins here to show you what's going on in the world, peep game

Sarah brought me and Oz this cool game back from Canada. Basically every colour jelly bean in the pack has two flavours. one nice and one horrible. So yellow was tutti fruity and vomit. Brown was chocolate pudding and dog food. Black was liquorice and skunk spray. You spin the little chap and then both pop one in and see how you get on. The dog food flavoured one was one of the most disgusting things I've ever ate.

Some woman was on top of the car park across the road from my flat threatening to jump off. It was horrible, she was pure hysterically shouting at the police. This was literally right outside my bedroom window. Mad innit? They got her down safe and sound. When I tweeted about her when I first seen her my phone went mad with people asking for updates hahaha

Had to boooox off a quick Turkish with Max and Tom the other night. We really went for it. These guys are out here charging £2 for a can of coke. The hustle is so so real.


Natalie and Curtis had a leaving party on Saturday night. They're both leaving for London to start a new life down there! So everyone got together to have a right booze up. It was pure good fun. Martin brought some sambuca and it absolutely wrecked us haha 

Imagine owning some showerman BMW and deciding to get a baby pink matte paint job. It had dumb wheels that were all fucked and chipped and loads of little stickers and shit all over the dashboard. An oriental couple were driving it. It all became so clear to me when I saw them. KAWAIIIIII

Wooooooo I got my Outlook ticket bought. Trying to do as much cool shit as possible this year, stuff that I've wanted to do for however long.

I'm scared it's going to be me surrounded by people taking drugs seemingly for the sake of telling you they are taking drugs. I cannot be bothered with that shit man, they think that's so impressive. I can imagine it is just going to be me, stuck in a foreign country surrounded by strangers thinking I owe them something because they're taken Mkat.

I had a great meeting in the week with a guy called Andi who writes children's stories. I'm going to be illustrating one of his stories, we are making a book together. I've got started on it already so I'll be posting some progress work on here as the project takes shape.

Thanks for stopping by you cool fuckers, enjoy your weekends!

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