Thursday, 15 May 2014



I went to Laser Quest with a bunch of the guys for Erics Birthday. It was so much fun! It was pure chaotic and frustrating but it was wicked.

Max had a moment of realisation that he was far too old for Laser Quest. There was a bunch of dickhead kids getting regulated by us grown men in there haha. It was fucked though because the guy who worked there put on a pack and got his gun and came in with us. He pure ruined our game because obviously he was sick at it.

Basically there were 3 of these 'bases' that were like little fire alarms that flash up and if you shoot those you get loads of points, like the equivalent of shooting someone ten times. The guy who worked there told us that the bases weren't working so we all just left them. Halfway through the game I caught him shooting one of them out, so he lied to us so that he could get them!

Cosplay or something? I don't even know. Whatever, what's the point.

The post match graphics by Sky for Everton vs Man City were so so crud man haha, look at this shit.

The Beastwang Outlook Launch party was at the O2 on Saturday. It was good fun man, the BLG guys did their set, it was pure sick to watch.

City had their celebrations on Saturday also. It was a bank holiday weekend, the sun was out, plus it was an early kick off. A recipe for blokes to be pissed up. It was great at about 5/6pm just seeing them stumbling around with LCFC wrote on their foreheads hahaha

Bruv why did I get tumped? This was on some wild Calvis Harris video I watched with Max and Dan.

I couldn't really capture it but this guy had baaaaare wax in his hair, it was too funny. Like a massive clump when he had next to no hair

Wheeeeeeeeeeeey I went to Town Hall Square with James and Tom to see the Leicester players lift the trophy and set of cannons of blue and white rizla papers.

Sam Bailey came out to sing We Are The Champions and everyone started chanting 'we want Kasabian' loooool that's harsh innit. Tom raised a good point. I hate the way that we are supposed to love off Kasabian because they are from Leicester. Like I couldn't give a fuck about them, I think they're average but I can't voice that because I'm a wanker then. They're from Leicester and always mention it so I'm supposed to be into them.

I had a nice night on Tuesday. I met my friend Robin for Wagamamas. He is a manager there and always champions it. I made a flippant comment a while ago about how all they sell or all they have that people want is the Katsu curry and he wanted to prove me wrong.

I let him pick what I had within reason and fuck me it was good. We fully went in, had so much food. Starters, extra mains and desert haha. To start we had these duck dumplings with cherry hoisin sauce, some 'tory kara age' which was like deep friend chicken pieces with lemon and a seaweed salad. Then we had teriyaki steak with noodles to share, Robin had a grilled tuna salad and I had this firecracker chicken dish which was like a chicken stir fry with rice and a super hot chilli sauce. For dessert we had this 'mochi' which is like ice cream with a rice paste around it that kind of melts as you eat the ice cream. It was all so so nice, it completely changed my opinion on Wagamamas.

I'm not just saying it because I know it would buzz Robin out but it was sooooo nice, seriously. Like When I say it completely changed what I thought of it, that was really the case. It was great. 

Sourced by Olly Gwop, Alan Davies throwing up a quick dub, STREETS NEED THIS

Our Pete's at it again, spotted him twice in two days.

Thanks for popping by, make some mistakes by the weekend WXCKXDLXND

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