Friday, 3 October 2014


I've let myself down somewhat. The golden standard for this year of wickedland has been 10 posts per calendar month. Last month is the first month so far this year that I haven't reached 10. I guess a combination of going away, missing a couple podcasts and laziness.

Anyway, I saw a guy wearing a Skepta Russian hat. That'll never not be remarkable to me.

I went to O tree with Darryl for lunch. It was really nice, as ever but for some fucking bright reason they decided to put both of our portions of chips into one bowl. Why do places do this? Why do they think that's a cool thing to do? Are you aiming to save on washing up? Because fuck that, that's not a good enough answer. It pissed me off so much. I'll buy everyone in the pub chips, but if there is one thing I don't like when eating it's not knowing out of the food on the table what is my food. I don't want to be made to feel bad or watched every time I have a chip.

Pollo? Do you understand this? Can anybody help?

I was working at the freshers fair Monday and Tuesday. Pretty good fun.

I don't get these guys. They were recruiting for the army. It's like they're fully grown kids playing dress up. Walking around with fake guns. You'd think they would be more cautious before they let a couple of white people enter a place of education full of people with firearms.

If you are lucky enough to work at Dominoes you have a contractual obligation to not eat anything else ever. SPESHLY other fast food. Unacceptable.

KA convoy. You into that? Shame I didn't get a better photo, only caught it at the last minute. This has got to be pretty rare right? I wonder if the drivers clocked it.

After buying bar crawl T shirts these indian lads lined up and asked Michelle (one of our stage dancers) for photographs. It was so funny haha

Oz went and worded the Dominoes guys nicely and came through with the pizza for us. I don't know many people who can talk their way into great situations the way Oz can. We celebrated the end of the Freshers Fair with a lot of pizza.

I got a new toy! I bought a camera to start recording shorts for Wickedland again and taking photos of stuff. I'm sick of being forced to use my photo when I go on Holiday or whatever. Looking forward to using it.

Is that good then? As soon as I stopped her to ask for a photo, even before I got a chance to speak she instantly froze up and said 'I don't really!' hahaha

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