Wednesday, 12 November 2014


The little open bit round the back of the Highcross near the cinema is so cool now, it's so built up. Like you can look at it and almost image it's not in Leicester, but then also it's hard to imagine town without it now. The latest edition is Byron Burger, another (kind of) American food chain that's set up shop there, I went along last week to check it out.



PRICE: The prices were ever so slightly above what I would have expected. Burgers were between 7-10 pounds while sides were all about 4 pounds. Milkshakes were £4.25 and extra sauces were £1.25. Saying that my whole meal (with extras) came up to just under £20, so in my head it's still in that affordable Nandos kind of price bracket. Right for the area. 6/10

They do a bunch of craft beers at around £4 for a 330ml measure

ATMOSPHERE: It was kind of cool, kind of calm. Low lit which was nice and the seating plan left it nice and open. So many restaurants round there cram tables together and the boring couple that've been married 20 years and hate each other and have nothing left to say end up eves dropping on your convo because they're close enough to. None of that here. Music was low, it was all just right. 7/10

My oreo milkshake was tall and thick, real good

FOOD: The food was really awesome. All I seem to do these days is go around tasting various burgers and fries haha but these were riiiight up there. The menu was big enough that they had variation but small enough that they do what they do well. I had a smoky with blue cheese and home made skin-on chips. It was divine, I could have ate it forever. Even now looking at that picture i'm salivating hard. It was covered in those crispy little deep fried onions and the blue cheese was a nice wedge of actual blue cheese, not just blue cheese sauce. The actual burgers were medium rare, and pink and delicious in the middle. Portions were pretty good too. 8/10

Dave's rather uninspiring plain cheese burger

DECOR: You know what, it looked really, really good. There were loads of kind of exposed copper pipes and walls that worked really well together, but then everywhere you looked there was worn leather. Everything aside from that looked all modern and new, like all the counters and tables were all matte black. It was odd because there was kind of nothing amazing about it but it all just looked really well done. The design themes that ran through out were great. 8/10

SERVICE: The service was great too. Everything ran so smoothly, it was so quick and efficient. It would be a problem for me if I worked in the area because you could easily get in, sit, order, get served, eat and leave within an hour. We weren't even in a rush and they served up in that time during evening service. The woman who served us was polite and funny, but she did one weird thing.

I hasn't seen my friend Dave in a while so we did that thing of sitting down at the table and gabbing to each other without even looking at the menu, just catching up. When she come over to take our order we asked for a couple more minutes and she just sat down with us and waited. It was so weird and uncomfortable. Aside from that odd moment of what I can only think was laziness it was top stuff. 7/10 

CONCLUSION: It was really great! A really nice space and the food was so good, I can't wait to taste the other burgers. That said I can't wait to taste that Smokey with blue again, it really was amazing. Everything was on point and I really enjoyed my time there, literally nothing to complain about. If you like burgers get in there as soon as you can, I'm sure you'll really enjoy it too. It's a shame that this place is surrounded by Frankie & Bennies, Coast to Coast and Handmade, because it almost doesn't deserve to be lost in a sea of Burger places. If I'm down that way looking for a burger and fries again anytime soon I'm heading straight to Byron.


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