Friday, 7 November 2014


WELCOME TO THE YUNG STYLE DOJO! I wonder if anyone actually reads these little bits at the top. They're usually just me typing out in capitals not really saying much. Anyway, on we go

Is this good? Or does it just look delicious because we all love Reese's? Is it just peanut butter or would it be a little sweeter? Many questions. Have you seen that click on Facebook or some maggots in a Reese's cup? The people posting it were like noooo I'm never eating Reese's again! Fuck all that shit. Imagine watching Super Size Me and not wanting a McDonalds. Mental people.

Look at this guys outfit, what absolute gold. He really went for it and knocked it out of the park. I saw a photo on twitter of two other people dressed as pilots covered in blood and so on dressed as 'The pilots of the missing Malaysian airline' looooool. They were getting slated but fuck off, that's funny man. The more tasteless the better

Another fantastic effort, very simple but very good.

Imagine if I just popped a little dot on there. He was asleep so I'm not sure he would have noticed.

This was the most unfullfilling thing about my whole day. Do you know how shit this is? Even still, out of all the things I would want to go to you website to to find out why would they choose this?

The new shape London busses have this one little solo cabin seat at the front that was really making me laugh. So squashed and squeezed under the stairs.

I went to the Red Bull Culture Clash with Darryl. It was such a mental, exciting night. The scale of the event alone was absolutely crazy, Red Bull run the world.

Boy Better Know killed it standardly, the levels were so so gassed

Rebel Sound (David Rodigan, Shy FX and Chase and Status) won in the end, deservedly so. Some of the dubplates that these lot were pulling out were insane. They played a special version of Rihanna's 'We Found Love' that dissed BBK, Stone Love and A$AP Mob. It was crazy, everyone lost their minds.

Our wristbands got us into the afterparty too, which was fun. We went along on these busses. I'd love to know how much money they've spent on the whole event. On the night they had the covers of the evening standard, the Metro and another free London paper, I can't remember the name. Literally 3 full page covers. It was completely sold out months ago, but it was just brand building. Everything was branded.

The afterparty was cool. It was at some little club with about 200 people inside, and half of the grime MCs who were on the BBK stage were there and heartless crew. They all went back to back before Skream did a set. When we left we saw Toddla T knocking about outside. The afterparty alone was an amazing event haha

Head. To. Toe. This is a real outfit for a real war haha.

I met Rodigan and Stormzy briefly at the after party. Darryl had met Rodigan a couple of times and told me he was a real mardy arse in real life and I didn't want to believe him. I can confirm this is true, sorry to ruin the illusion.

On my coach back this was the most annoying cunt I'd ever met. Going to some House night in Manchester with her little crew who was on the coach. Wearing sunglasses on a national express coach during a dull October afternoon. Kind of loses it's ballerish connotation doesn't it?

She was fucking gaaawking all the way there in her broad south London accent. I fucking hate that accent on girls, I find it so so unattractive. It cuts through everything and goes right into the middle of my head.

Johnnys costume was pretty sick at the Coolden halloween party I went to. Check him out

Mental things were happening. Fosters shouldn't be used as a mixer, no matter how much you hate their adverts.

Beastwang was a standard vybes after the party. It's been a while since I've MC'd in a club drunk. It will be a while again.

Bees's mum is real nice. I've never met her but because she knows I'm a greedy boy she made me this biiiiig portion of chilli and even gave me a little bowl of grated cheese to go with it. I had a portion yesterday and I can confirm it's delicious. I was eating it and wondering why chilli con carne has never entered the 'favourite food' conversation in my mind. It was literally that good. Thanks, Bees's mum.

The menu has changed ever so slightly as Slug and Lettuce. I saw 'buttered asparagus' and licked my lips. I thought perfect! I can substitute out my regular greasy onion rings and have delicious long, steaming stems of asparagus each time I each there. Imagine how underwhelmed I was with this shit.

Why are phone books allowed please? In 2014 why are phone books allowed. It's mental, a mental, mental waste of paper. Some cunt who works for the Yellow Pages had took the time and effort to ram one into every letterbox of the apartment block I live at. I would have loved to have caught the cunt and started ripping them out and throwing them at his head. It needs to stop, we've all, always got google.

Seen this awesome contraption? Never seen one before but I was into it. Preeeetty cool.

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