Thursday, 19 February 2015


Yoooooo I've been listening to so much 50 cent recently. I wish I could force it all on you lot. I'll gladly give you an accompanying talk after every song explaining why he is so incredible. email me if you want in on the lecture.

The Cypriot guys in the block near me had one of their winter night time barbecues. As if the women in the block being the most beautiful girls in the city isn't already enough they do cool shit like this. I desperately need an in with this lot. I'm alright round a barbecue. I might go and offer my services.

Look at Brad. Just waltzes into my building, sits outside my flat waiting for me watching something on his phone on my wifi whilst having himself a little rum and coke. He fucking knows he is upto no good.

I went out to celebrate my birthday with some of the guys. look at this lot. Happier the further forward they are.

This is when you get deep in the back

MAN LIKE AJ YEAH. I think about this guy who has his burger van parked outside Opal halls all the time. He's got his little TV in there but seriously this job must rot your mind. It's such a small place. at least with like TJs or something you can be chilling in the back and doing whatever, then just coming out to serve customers.

Girls love doing weird overly intimate shit like sharing a coat don't they. I wonder if they break down these physical and personal space barriers when they don't have an audience or if it is in fact just for attention and to force the idea that they are good friends.

Real show shit. Look at this. Maaaaad ratings for anyone wearing sunglasses at night. Maaaadder ratings for any old person wearing sunglasses. Even more bonus points if they are those big Mary J Blige 2003 motherfuckers. Rate that kind of swag especially in Mcdonalds.

Is there anyone who DOESN'T think that the new art on the bridge on Narborough road depicts people hanging? I don't mean like people chilling out, I mean people being hanged? It's so morbid and as the project was taking shape suuuurely that's something the artists and the commissioners must have been aware of right? I really don't understand how a blunder of that proportion got the green light.

So that's a DVD from HMV, a pizza, cheesecake and kitchen roll. Literally a night in in a basket before my eyes. I wonder what the DVD was.

Krispy Kremes has finally opened in the Highcross. The queues are an absolute myth, just ignore it for a bit. I don't know if I can ever see them dying down though. Like I think for the sort of people who live in Leicester Krispy Kremes are almost a status symbol, like they aren't used to cool shit like this. Either that or the begging will die off soon and you'll be able to waltz right up to the service counter. I don't know, let's wait and see.

When I talk about wanting physical post to die a death it's not just lyrics. I actually mean this shit and I'm 100% committed to the cause. I can't believe it's 2015, a time when we are sending people into space, sharing whole HD movies with people on the other side of the world in less than a second and there are still people around who think the best way to contact someone with important information is by physically sending them a piece of paper with it wrote on. Writing this alone is pissing me off.

Man like Kamdog came through and put some verses down for our forthcoming project with Tp called Silver Tongued 2. If you don't know it's obviously a sequel to the first one, a four track hip hop EP produced by myself with lyrics from all three of us. It should be out pretty soon!

Oiiiii put in the W.E.R.K in the kitchen and made a looooad of portions of this chicken, veg and rice. It's actually so nice, like I'm fully enjoying smashing them every day haha. It worked out so cheap too, Like £1.25 per portion. Come holla me, I'm selling them out the window of my flat for £4 each.

I love seeing food like this, it's makes everything so easy in my mind. Very calming.

That's what's been going on, I should have some very exciting WL news soon, keep an eye out! Cheers for popping by.

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